Second Part of tutorials on Windows 7 Basics

Windows 7 Basics- A tutorial Part-1-Windows 7 is being used by millions, all over the world. Though the number of Windows XP user still may not be less than the Window7 users but as Microsoft has rejected this prominent windows and withdrawn it’s support, windows XP will gradually loss it’s charm and will be replaced by Windows 7 sooner or later. Therefore, it will be a good idea to switch over to Windows 7 early. Though a large number of people are emotionally attached to Windows xp but Windows 7 includes a number of attractive features.
Windows 7 Basic- A tutorial Part-2

How to Get a power efficiency report in Windows 7

If you are using windows 7 on a laptop, you can use the efficiency calculator to get Windows 7 to generate loads of useful information about its power consumption which will help you to enhance battery life and performance. To perform this action open command prompt as administrator(Click start, Type 'cmd' in Start Search, and right-click the cmd icon  and choose Run as administrator.) Just type 'powercfg -energy' at the command line and press Return. Now Windows 7 will automatically scan your system to improve power efficiency and publish the results in an HTML file, usually in the System32 folder

How to Set the time zone using command line tzutil.exe utility in Windows 7

Windows 7 provides the System administrators a new command line tzutil.exe utility, to set a PC's time zone from scripts. For instance, you wanted to set a PC to GMT(Greenwich Mean Time), you may use the command tzutil /s "gmt standard time", To display the current time zone use "tzutil /g", use "tzutil /l" to display a list of all possible time zones, and "tzutil /?"  to displays help.

Understanding The System Restore In Windows 7

The restoration of your system to an earlier date(System Restore Point) in all the previous versions of Windows was something like gambling because there was no way to find which applications or drivers will affect. You just had to use it in case of need. But Windows 7 is some thing different and it will tell you in details that which  programs or drivers will be deleted or recovered by selecting a particular system restore point restore point. To perform this check, Click Start>Right-click Computer, select Properties > System Protection > System Restore > Next, and choose the restore point you intend to use. Click the new button to 'Scan for affected programs'.

How to Add network support in Windows 7

You can not import data over a network using default Windows Live, but a small Registry tweak will solve this problem. Run REGEDIT, find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live\Movie Maker. You have to add a DWORD value(AllowNetworkFiles) and to add network support  set it to 1.


How to Recover locked-up apps in Windows 7

It all previous version of Windows, If an application was locked up you could hardly do any thing but in Windows 7 there is an option which explain the problem and you may get your program working without any data loss. If a lockup occurs, launch the Resource Monitor, by clicking Start, type RESMON and click the RESMON.EXE link. Locate the  frozen process in the CPU pane (You will find it highlighted in red), right-click it and select Analyze Wait Chain. You must see at least two processes in the list. The lowest, at the end of the tree, is responsible for holding up your program. Now save all your unsaved data in other open applications, check the box related to this process, click End Process. Now locked-up program may start running.

How to Enable virtual Wi-Fi in Windows 7

A  little-known new feature Virtual Wi-Fi is included in Windows 7, which is efficient to turn your PC or laptop into a software-based router. Any other Wi-Fi-enabled devices if in range will see you as a new network and, once logged on, immediately be able to share your internet connection. Your wireless adapter driver must supports it, otherwise it will not work.

Windows 7 Basic- A tutorial Part-1, How to Get a power efficiency report in Windows 7, How to Set the time zone using command line tzutil.exe utility in Windows 7, Understanding The System Restore In Windows 7, How to Add network support in Windows 7, How to Recover locked-up apps in Windows 7, How to Enable virtual Wi-Fi in Windows 7

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