What are the Function Keys on a keyboard and what they do

What are the Function Keys on a keyboard and what they do-While we see the key board of our computer, There is a line of 12 keys. These keys are marked as F1, F2 to F12. The set of these 12 keys are called the function keys. Each function key as individually or with a combination of other keys as ‘CTRL’ key or ‘SHIFT’ key has unique function. The function of these keys may differ in different operating systems or software. These function keys are very useful and we help us to work easy and faster. Thus these function keys save our valuable time. The Functions of these Function is listed below -


 Function Keys on a keyboard 

Function Key F1

o Use Ctrl+F1 to open full screen mode in Microsoft Office 
Press Ctrl+F1 again to come back to normal mode.

o Press F1 to open help in all browsers.

o Press F1 to check CMOS setup

o Press Windows Key+F1 to open Windows help..

Function Key F2

o Select and Press F2 to rename a File, Folder or icon in 

o Press Ctrl+F2 to open print preview in Microsoft Office Word.

o Press Alt+Ctrl+F2 to go to File open dialogue box in Microsoft 
Office Word.

o Press F2 to enter CMOS setup while booting

Function Key F3

o Press F3 to open search box in windows.

o Press Shift+F3 to convert selected text into upper case or lower
 case in Microsoft Office Word document.

o Press F3 to repeat last command while in DOS mode.

o Press F3 to open mission control in MAC.


Function Key F4

o Press Alt+F4 to close an open program.

o Press Alt+F4 in windows explorer to open address bar.

o Press Shift+F4 to go to top of the page.

o Press F4 to repeat last action in Microsoft Office Word.

o Press F4 to close windows within the current window.

Function Key F5

o Use F5 as refresh key in windows..

o Press F5 to reload the current page in all browsers.

o Press F5 to open find and replace dialogue box in Microsoft
 Office Word.

o Press F5 to start slide show in power point.

o Press F5 to go to search box on the home page of firefox.

Function Key F6

o Press F6 in all browsers to go to the address bar.

o Use ctrl+Shift+F6 to view multiple open documents one by one 
in Microsoft Office Word.

o Press F6 to Minimize volume in laptops(Not works in some 

Function Key F7

o Press F7 to start spelling check of an open Microsoft Office 
Word document.

o Press F7 to start carat browsing in internet explorer

o Press F7 to Maximize volume in laptops(Not works in some 

Function Key F8

o Press F8 to select the mode of your windows.(Safe mode, safe 
mode with networking, command prompt etc.)

o Press F8 to select the text in Microsoft Office Word document.

o Press F8 to display thumbnail image for workspaces in MAC.

Function Key F9

o Use F9 in outlook express to send/receive emails.

o Press F9 to refresh Microsoft Office Word document.

o Press F9 to load the default setting of the CMOS setup.

o Press F9 to Open measurement toolbar in quark.

o Press F9 to minimize screen brightness in laptops(Not works 

Function Key F10

o Press F10 to increase screen brightness in laptops(Not works 
in some models)

o Press F10 to save and exit CMOS Setup.

o Press F10 to access hidden recovery partition(Sony and 
HP Computers).

o You can use Shift+F10 in place of right click.

o Press F10 to open menubar of an open application.

Function Key F11

o Fress F11 to see desk top hiding all open windows in MAC. 

o Press F11 to access hidden recovery partition(Lenovo
computers and emachines). 

o Press Ctrl+F11 at start uo to go to hidden recovery
 partition(Some Dell computers). 

o Press F11 to enter or exit full screen in all browsers.

Function Key F12

o Fress F12 to open save as window in Microsoft Office word.

o Press Ctrl+F12 to open a document dialogue box in Microsoft
 Office word.

o Use Shift+F12 to save Microsoft Office word in place of Ctrl+S.

o Press Ctrl+shift+F12 to print a Microsoft Office word

o Press F12 in Microsoft Expression Web to preview a page. 

o Press F12 to open Firebug or browser debug tool. 

o Press F12 to show or hide dash board in MAC(OS 10.4 or

o Press F12 at start up to view installed bootable
 devices(HD,CDor DVD etc.).

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