Use YouTube keyboard shortcuts to make your viewing experience splendid

YouTube is most viewed and no-1 entertainment channel in the world. You can view music, videos, audios, clips, full length movies, news and many more. You can enjoy all these things not only in English but almost in all languages of the world including vernaculars. You can create your own channels free of cost at very user friendly terms. You can upload your material on the channel and promote your business. That’s why like other Google products You Tube is on top. Here we are discussing about the short cuts used to view YouTube video -

YouTube Video Short cuts
YouTube Video Short cuts

YouTube Shortcuts associated with figure keys

  • 0 – Restart the video from the beginning.
  • 1 to 9 – Skip the video to a certain percent length. For example if you want to skip the video for 10 per cent press figure ‘1’, to skip a video to 50 per cent press figure ‘5’, to skip a video to 90 per cent press figure ‘9’.

YouTube Shortcuts associated with letter keys

For more shortcuts & Audio visual learning के लिए यह वीडियो देखें। Watch this small video for audio visual learning and more shortcuts
  • F – Press ‘F’ key to view the video in full screen mode. Press ‘F’ key again to exit full screen mode.
  • J – Restart the Video from 10 seconds back. Just press the ‘J’ key in a running YouTube video and it will restart from 10 seconds back.
  • K – Pause or resume a running video. Just press ‘K’ key and the running will paused and press it again to resume the video.
  • L – Go forward 10 seconds. Just press ‘L’ key and the video will go forward 10 seconds.
  • M – Press 'Mute' to stop audio, press again to start aodio again.
  • R – Restart.

YouTube Shortcuts associated with symbol keys 

  • Esc. – Press Esc. to exit full screen mode. 
  • Left arrow and Right arrow – Go back or forward 5 seconds. 
  • Home Key – View beginning 10 seconds of the video. End Key – Seek to the end of the video.
  • View last 10 seconds of the video. 
  • Up arrow – Increase volume by 5 per cent. 
  • Down arrow – Decrease volume by 5 per cent.
  • Spacebar: Toggle Play/Pause.
  •  Shift + n: Move to the next video. When watching a playlist it will load the next video in the playlist, otherwise it will load the next suggested video.
  • c: Toggle On/Off subtitles/closed captions if available.
    + or =: Increase subtitles/closed captions size.
  • Shift + p: Move to the previous video (playlist only).
  • Shift + ,: Decrease playback speed.

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