How to Verify your Blog or Site ownership at Google Webmaster

How to Verify your Blog or Site ownership at Google Webmaster

Though the verification of a site or blog does not have any effect on the page rank of the owner or search results display or any other performance of the site/blog but Google gives permission to view certain details about the sites and also allows the users to use many other tools. Such information can not be shown or revealed to unauthentic persons therefore Google needs to verify the authenticity of the owner. Those who created their blogs or sites using the blogger or Google site platforms are mostly verified automatically but others need to prove the ownership of their site.

Verify your Blog or Site ownership at Google Webmaster

The ownership verification process is very easy.
How to Verify your Blog or Site ownership at Google Webmaster
Google code received

Benefits of proving Site ownership at Google Webmaster

1. Only verified user are eligible to change over to a new URL.

2. Verified users can interact with other site owners.

3. Request Google webmaster, about your site  indexing preference.

4.You can use webmaster tolls to view  details of your site, improve your site’s quality or diagnose problems if any.

5. The Geographic locations targeted by you may be registered with Google.

6. A crawl rate change may be requested.

How to verify your site or blog at Google webmaster

1.  Meta Tag – In this method a meta tag is to be added to prove your access to the source files. You must have some knowledge of HTML but it is not a difficult job because Google will send you an example for it if you request.

2. HTML file uploading – You will have to upload a file with the name you specify. You must have some knowledge of HTML but you need be very expert HTML editor.

3. Google Analytic code – You must login as administrator to the Google analytic account verify using the snippet.

4. DNS Record- To use this you must be authorized to sign in to your account with your Domain Name providers.

The simplest method to verify your site or blog at Google webmaster

a. Login to Google webmaster tool.

b. Click on “Add Site”

c. Type your site or blog URL including http:// in the box appeared.

d. Click “continue” to go to the “site Verification” Page.

e. All the options of site verification will be listed, choose one.

About HTML Tag- The easiest way to verify your blog/site ownership is to add an HTML code provided by Google. You will receive a code like one given below.

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="vaDxDI5oIA2R4e_bOl5T39GJrop-AgEo6UyNLBssTa8" />

You will have to paste it in the <head> section of your html file. 

The string in red will change every time. –

Open the HTML document of your blog/site.

Find <head>

Copy and paste the code just below(after) <head> like the 
example below.


<meta name="google-site-verification" content="vaDxDI5oIA2R4e_bOl5T39GJrop-AgEo6UyNLBssTa8" />
<title> My title </title>
page contents

It is easy, copy and paste the above code in your HTML file, save it and go back to the Google webmaster tool and click to verify. During your process of editing the HTML document, the Google webmaster tool site must be kept open.


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