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Blogger CSS-add drop Caps first letter big capital different color to post comments

Blogger CSS-add drop Caps first letter big capital different color to post comments- Comments are very important in blogger blogs. Comments are indication of the popularity of our blogs and considered by Google while deciding page ranks of our blogs. If we implement drop caps to our blog comments our commentators will post their comments as usual but the comments text will automatically appear with drop caps. To add drop caps to your blog comments you have to add small CCS codes to your blog’s HTML file. Here are the CSS codes and the procedure to add them to your blog HTML file-
Drop Caps Post Comments
Drop Caps Post Comments
The procedure is divided in two parts as given below-

1. For those who have already added the drop caps on their posts. For them the procedure is some short,

2. For those who have not yet active drop caps on their blog posts. Procedure for them is little long because they need to implement the CSS codes for both means for drop caps on their blog posts and drop caps on their blog post comments simultaneously.

Here I assume that you have already implemented the Drop Caps on your blog posts and now want to implement it on blog post comments only.

To add drop caps to your blog post comments follow the simple steps.
  • Go to your blogger dashboard and Login using your Email ID and password.
  • Next Click ‘Template’.
  • Next Click Edit HTML, now your Blogger HTML file will be opened.
  • To, open the HTML search box click anywhere in the open HTML file and press ‘Ctrl+F’.
  • Now write or copy and paste the following string in the HTML search box and press ‘Enter’.


When you hit ‘Enter’ the string will be highlighted as shown below and you will automatically taken there.
Now add <p class="capital"> before the above code and </p> after the above code. Now your code must be like this -

<p class="capital"><data:comment.body/></p>

Please check the additions you made carefully and save your template. Now you are done and you have successfully added drop caps to your blog comments.

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