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Adware-The Potentially unwanted application (PUA) or Potentially unwanted program (PUP)

Adware-The Potentially unwanted application (PUA) or Potentially unwanted program (PUP)

What is an Adware ?

The word adware is derived from advertisement software. Adware means a program used to displays intrusive ads. Advare is a threat to the privacy. The web is flooded with potentially unwanted adware applications being installed with free downloads and without the consent and information to the user. To install an adware, Mostly download clients are used by the free software downloading websites. They offer small software free of cost and install advertising browser plug-ins or the adware with the chosen freeware. The carelessness while downloading a free software is also a reason to get unwanted adware infections.
Adware-The Potentially unwanted application (PUA) or Potentially unwanted program (PUP)

Types of adware

There are many types of adware.

1. Browser hacking adware which manipulates users browser settings and unwanted and risky creates browser redirects. 

2. Unwanted popups delivering adware-It creates unending, annoying and useless popus

3. It tracks user’s browsing habits, without showing any significant sign of their presence. 

4. They record user’s IP Address, browser information, unique identification numbers, OS Using, URLs visited, search queries entered, total pages viewed, etc. Thus a severe threat to users privacy.

5. Most adware are programmed in a bad way and effect adversely the normal functioning of the user’s browsers and OS.

Signs and symptoms of adware Infection in a system.

1.      Irritating Ads, banners and some times full page ads.  
2.      Unwanted and risky Browser redirects.    
3.      It Slows down the user,s browser.     
4.      Adware generating banners.    
5.      It displays Unwanted screenshots

How Adware is Distributed

1.      Mostly caused by a deceptive action of installers or download clients.   
2.      Mostly included in a shareware or a free to download software.    
3.      A flashplayer downloaded from a site other than the genuine site.     
4.      Potentially unwanted software are distributed by misleading banners or online ads.    
5.      Fake java update screenshots.      
6.      A deceptive screenshot of a free software download client(This is capable of modifying browser settings)

Precautions to avoid Adware Infection

1.      Express great caution while downloading free software.     
2.      Always opt-out installation of a browser plug-ins by clicking on a 'Decline' button.      
3.      Always choose an Advanced or Custom installation process and avoid quick or typical.
4.      Install a reliable malware protecting software.
5.      Use Adblocker.

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