Dangerous Virus Slick Savings-Causes, Symptoms Removal Procedure

Dangerous Virus Slick Savings-Causes, Symptoms Removal Procedure

 What is Slick Savings Virus?


An ad-supported Virus Slick Savings is cross web browser plugin for Internet Explorer (BHO), Firefox and Google Chrome. This pluggin is distributed through various monetization platforms during installation. The browser extension includes various features that will modify the default or custom settings of the browser including the home page, search settings and in some cases will modify Internet Explorer's load time threshold, place a lock file within Firefox to prevent competing software from changing its settings as well as disable the browser's Content Security Policy in order to allow for cross site scripting of the plugin. Users may see additional banner, search, pop-up, pop-under, interstitial and in-text link advertisements.

Dangerous Virus Slick Savings

Overview Slick Savings Virus

Slick Savings ads is a dangerous computer infection which usually appear over computer due to presence of unwanted extension. Slick Savings ads can adjust inside any kind of browser like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Opera mini and several other. After getting installed, it starts to promote useless product and illegal domain with the help of ads. This malicious program is used to collect high revenue from low standard site. You will also face some other kind of problem such as slow processing of system, and some time your important documents or folder will be disabled or get modified. 

Almost all the installations currently used version 1.3. Upon installation and setup, it defines an auto-start registry entry which makes this program run on each Windows boot for all user logins. It adds a Browser Helper Object (BHO) to Internet Explorer. Typically most users detect it in a week’s time or so and end it up by uninstalling it. The software size is about 1.26 MB (1,326,198 bytes) installer includes 8 files.


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 Properties of Slick Savings Virus


1.    This Malware Automatically starts when Windows starts.

2.    Slick Savings ads will alter critical settings of system as well as browser like firewall, homepage, registry, background etc.

3.    Malware installing is Possible by this program

4.    It will deactivate the security firewall and existing Antivirus application to remain undetected for long time.

5.    It collects personal information of user including tender related, social networking site detail, sensitive passwords, email credentials and relocate it to cyber crooks for malicious use.

6.    Mostly distributed through a pay-per-install as bundled.

7.    It Loads into the web browser.

8.    Ads unassociated with the underlying web page are Injects by it.

9.    All The experts advise that you should remove it.

10. Hijacks the web browser's home page.

11. Installed by- www.spigot.com.

12. Installation folder: C:\users\user\appdata\Roaming\Slick Savings\

13. Uninstaller: "C:\users\user\appdata\Roaming\Slick Savings\uninstall.exe"

14. Estimated size: 1.26 MB.


Virus/malware detected by Prominent virus scanners in Slick Savings.


The following 4 prominent virus/malware scanners have detected Coupons.dll (6ead5964c03cf5657096ccb2487c7a62) in Slick Savings, Avira AntiVir (Ver., detected-TR/Trash.Gen, Dr.Web(, detected Trojan.Damaged.1, SUPERAntiSpyware(10575) detected Trojan.Agent/Gen-ullo(Short) and Symantec(5/30/2014 rev. 6) detectedBloodhound.MalPE


Possible reasons of coming slick savings in your system.

1.    Visiting malicious websites.

2.    Clicking suspicious links.

3.    Freeware and shareware downloads

4.    Network Drive infections.

5.    Opening infected email attachments.

6.    Executable code attack.

7.    Use of infected removable storage devices.

Common Symptoms of Slick Savings ads Infection in your system

Slick Savings ads is malicious computer threat which takes secret entry in your computer while you visit any unsafe websites and click unknown links. It possess hiding capabilities due to which it hides itself in the background and remains undetected. You will notice the presence of this destructive malware by following symptoms:

Slow PC- You will experience that speed of your computer goes on decreasing day-by-day and it takes a long time while executing any application. Startup and shut down speed also gets decreased.

Computer locking- You are unable to start your PC as it gets locked and completely unresponsive.

Fake Security Alerts- Each time you start your PC you will start getting annoying security alerts and fake error messages indicating system infections.

Auto Desktop Settings- You will notice that settings of your PC screen gets changed automatically and numerous unwanted shortcuts starts appearing.

Deactivation of System Security - Antivirus present in your computer stops working and unable to detect any kind of infections.

Bogus Redirection- You are unable to visit any authentic website as your web browser gets hijacked and your search results redirected to unsafe websites.

Loss of Data- You will lose your essential details like username, password, credit card and bank informations.


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How to Remove Slick Savings from your System

Simplest method of removing Slick Savings is click start>click Control Panel> Click Uninstall a program. Now a list of program like this will appear-

Removing dangerous Virus Slick Savings

It will be better to have a third party powerful uninstaller. If you don’t have a third party powerful uninstaller the button “powerful Uninstall” may not appear.

Click “powerful Uninstall” and follow the instructions.

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