Searching Perfect laptop-check these latest features before buying

Searching Perfect laptop-check these latest features before buying-The year 2016 may prove much better in the world of Laptops and if you are planning to buy a new one you need to bear in mind certain points while considering a perfect piece. Always think of the features you need because in this era of constantly developing technology new features are added by Laptop manufacturers. Therefore you need to ensure that Laptop you are buying has all the latest features and it suits your needs. A business model, a gaming Laptop, an Ultra book, A convertible Laptop, or a notebook whichever the model you are purchasing, you must pay attention on these features.

perfect Laptop
perfect Laptop

Hot swappable laptop battery

On Laptops we need to work mostly without a power plug and this is the feature makes a Laptop different from a desktop computer. Therefore, we need to pay special attention on the Laptop battery. Many of the manufacturers still use the old battery system, therefore always chose a Laptop with swappable battery. Please also pay attention on the battery life.

Pay attention on Laptop accessories

Basically you need the Laptop and a charger to run the Laptop but converters and docking stations will make very easy to use your Laptop. An external battery, external speakers, Laptop stand, portable monitor, and docking station will add extra advantage.

802.11 AC network

802.11 AC network is a high speed network ant it allows you to transfer data at a considerably high speed but it’s data transmission hardware requirements are different. Therefore always consider to purchase a Laptop which is 802.11 AC network compatible.

Windows 10 hallo feature

If you are planning to buy a windows laptop the Windows 10 hallo feature can make your Laptop more powerful. Windows 10 hallo feature is very useful. It uses biometrics, thus capable of face recognition. You can use your face as password and get the enterprise level security without extra expenses. Your data are ultra secure and no need to remembering or chances of forgetting a password.

Neither very thin nor very thick Laptop

If a Laptop is very thick it may be some heavy in weight and in modern time some people may call it an awkward design but a too thin Laptop may also not be a better choice. If a Laptop is too thin, you may have to compromise battery life, stability, upgrading choices, efficient typing, sound system, connectivity and cooling system. Therefore always choose a Laptop neither too thin nor too thick.


Type-C USB

USB type-C is a new type of tiny(About one third of an ordinary USB) connector. The USB type-C connector itself supports various types of existing standards like USB 3.1 and USB PD(USB Power Delivery). It is not backward compatible but it can charge your Laptop and capable of transferring data at a high speed with power efficiency.

Full HD display

Full HD or FHD or 1080P is a set of high definition video mode characterized by 1080 horizontal lines of vertical resolution and progressive scan as opposed to interfaced as is the case with the 1080i display standard which assures a wide screen aspect a 19:9 wide screen ratio implying a resolution of 1920X1080(2.1MPix). At present you must accept nothing less than a full HD display. The font quality and sharpness of icons may be good in QHD, QHD plus and 4K’s true resolution but not a visual comfort and effect the battery life negatively.

Mini display port

The Mini display port is a miniaturized version of the display port audio video digital interface and delivers a pure digital connection to an external display unit. It gives you plug and play performance and works with single link DVI, dual link DVI and VGA display.

Dual Channel RAM

Always have Laptop with a dual channel capable motherboard with 2 or more DDR3 SD RAM or higher memory modules. The processor must also support these modules. RAM effects the performance of your Laptop. The cost of 16 GB RAM slots may be high but 8/GB RAM will also do.

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