Windows 10-many ways to open command prompt

There was a time when everything started with the command prompt in a computer system but with coming of windows and its constant development it lost its importance. The command prompt may not be so useful now but it is still important even in windows 10. I will discuss about opening the ways to open command prompt in windows 10. Many of the readers may be knowing some or all of the ways but this article will be useful to a lot of readers. This article is written with a focus on windows 10 but the majority of ways will work on earlier versions of windows too-
Windows 10 command prompt

Use “Windows Key+X” to open windows 10 command prompt

Press windows key and hit the letter ‘X’ on your key board, a popup window will appear in the bottom left corner. This popup will give you three options Command prompt, Command prompt(Admin) and Run, as shown in the image given below. If you want to use command prompt as an administrator, choose ‘Command prompt(Admin)’, otherwise choose one from the rest two.
Search for command

Use Search to open windows 10 command prompt

Click on “Search the web and Windows” on the task bar or press “Windows key+S” and type ‘cmd’. “Command Prompt” will appear as shown by the image given below. Click it to open command prompt as a standard user, the command prompt will open but if you want to open as administrator, right click on command prompt and choose “Run as administrator”, you will be prompted administrator’s pass word. Please enter the administrator password and the command prompt will open as administrator.
Command prompt "cmd"

Use ‘All apps’ in start menu to open windows 10 command prompt

This is very easy method to open the command prompt in windows 10. Just click start, click All apps, scroll down to “windows system”, click the drop down box, here you will have two options, “Command prompt” and “Run”. You can use any one of these.

Use “Windows Key+R” to open windows 10 command prompt

Just press windows key and press ‘R’, the ‘Run’ command will appear.



Use Windows Task bar to open windows 10 command prompt

Right click the windows 10 task bar. Choose ‘Task Manager’, click ‘File’ in the top left corner, click ‘Run new task’, a dialogue box will open. Write ‘cmd’ if not written already and click OK. The command prompt will run. If you want to open the command prompt as administrator, hold the ‘Ctrl’ key while clicking ‘File’>Run new task, the command prompt will run in administrator mode.

Use file explorer to open windows 10 command prompt

Open file explorer, press Alt key on your key board and hit the letter ‘D’. Now type ‘cmd’ in the the address bar appeared and hit enter, the command prompt will run.

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