How to monitor and save yourself from radiation of Android smart phone

The mobile phone radiation is harmful or not, the researches in this matter are incomplete. However a research conducted by World Health Organization on Electromagnetic waves emitted by the mobile devices says that mobile phone radiation may perhaps be carcinogenic(Creating Cancer) to human body. In fact nobody is sure whether the mobile phone radiation is carcinogenic or not but users are much afraid of it and if you are also feared about the mobile radiation, it will be better to be cautious and adopt adequate precautions. 

Mobile phone radiation
Mobile phone radiation

What is Mobile Phone Radiation?

In mobile communication signals travel from your handset to the nearest antenna and then from the nearest antenna of the destination antenna handset to the receiving handset without any physical media. The signals use an invisible media called electromagnetic waves or Radio Frequency. The mobile phones emit electromagnetic waves in all directions. This emission is capable of penetrating human body and bodies of other livings. The emission is very low power and considered to be very small. The invisible electromagnetic waves present in the environment is called Radiation.

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Suspected dangers of mobile phone radiation

  1. May increase slightly user’s blood pressure during the use only.
  2. Mild fatigue and sometimes brain warming if used for long time continuously.
  3. Brain damage and memory loss are suspected. 
  4. Some cases of tumors and fetal damage are suspected resulted from mobile radiation.
  5. Tumors of acoustic nerve are reported double in mobile users.
  6. Wherever, there are weak or poor signals, the radiation will be high.

Possible precautions against mobile phone radiation

  1. Never put your handset under your pillow because keeping your handset 9-10 inches away may reduce the harmful effect of the emission to 5-10 per cent instead of 100 per cent.
  2. Avoid long chats and use hands free mode if long chats are necessary. Hands free mode may reduce radiation to much extent.
  3. Radiation reducing devices are available in the market but beware of imitations.
  4. Take special care in case of children because their developing state is 3 times more susceptible than developed state of adults.
  5. A mobile app (QUANTA monitor) may prove helpful to monitor the real time radiation and it is available download from Google Play Store - ) free of cost.     

What is QUANTA monitor?

  1. QUANTA monitor the first app in the world based on Tech, which measure user’s exposure to the to the RF emission both in real time and cumulatively a fitness app to promote a healthy environment which limits exposure to Radio Frequency(RF) and emission from a mobile Handset. It is based on emissions accurately tested the handsets in the laboratories
  2. Features of QUANTA monitor
  3. Monitors RF(Radio Frequency) emission from your mobile device in real time.
  4. Monitors you are exposed to how much RF emission in real time.
  5. It does not work on android version 4.4 and above.
  6. Measures mobile handset’s real time power density(μW/m2), SAR(W/kg), exposure to RF emission.
  7. It is a free application.
  8. Whenever the limit crosses prescribed limit(1.6W/kg), it stops the data service.

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