First Part of tutorial on Windows 7 Basics

Windows 7 Basics- A tutorial Part-2-Windows 7 is being used by millions, all over the world. Though the number of Windows XP user still may not be less than the Window7 users but as Microsoft has rejected this prominent windows and withdrawn it’s support, windows XP will gradually loss it’s charm and will be replaced by Windows 7 sooner or later. Therefore, it will be a good idea to switch over to Windows 7 early. Though a large number of people are emotionally attached to Windows xp but Windows 7 includes a number of attractive features.
Windows 7 Basics- A tutorial Part-1

Windows 7-Fault-Tolerant Help

A New feature FTH(Fault Tolerant Help) is provided in Windows 7. It is a clever technology to looks out unstable processes, detects program which may be crashing due to memory issues, and helps to apply real-time fixes and undo automatically and would not apply further if these do not work. if you want to check weather the FTH is running or not on your PC, you can launch REGEDIT, and then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\FTH - any program currently being protected by the FTH will be listed in the State key.

Windows 7-Problem Steps Recorder

Microsoft has introduced a new feature PSR(Problem Steps Recorder) in the windows version 7 and afterwards. You can use Problem Steps Recorder to automatically capture the steps you take on a computer, including a text description of where you clicked and a picture of the screen during each click (called a screen shot) and can save them to a file that. This file may be sent to a technical expert or someone else capable of helping you to solve the computer problem. Anything you type will not be recorded while recording, but the comment feature may be used to write text and highlight where the problem is occurring. You can also add comments to the file and highlight problems. Option of setting is also available. For more details click the link below-

Windows 7-Clean up Live Essentials

You will get new versions of Mail, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery etc. by Installing Windows Live Essentials but will it also install other components which may be unnecessary for you, but to keep a clean system these can be quickly removed. Windows Live Essentials will also install an ActiveX Control to help upload your files to Windows Live SkyDrive, as well as the Windows Live Sign-in Assistant, to makes it easier to manage and switch between multiple Windows Live accounts. If you donot need these remove them with the Control Panel Uninstall a Program applet.

Windows 7-Burn images

Windows 7 has included a new feature, the ability to burn ISO images to CDs or DVDs. Just double-click the ISO image, choose the drive in which you inserted the blank disc, click Burn and watch your disk being created.


Windows 7-Calibrate your screen

The colours you see on your screen will vary depending on your monitor, graphics cards settings, lighting and more. A Display Colour Calibration Wizard is included in Windows 7 which helps you set up your brightness, contrast and colour settings, and a ClearType tuner to ensure text is crisp and sharp. To try it Click Start, type DCCW and press Enter.

Windows 7-Control devices and printers

To manage hardware the device manager is a very useful tool. Windows 7 has introduced a more easy alternative in the Devices and Printers applet. The cryptic device names have been replaced by icons. The new applet provides a quick and easy way to access relevant functions for each device. For example If you've got some printer-related issue, right-clicking your printer icon will displays a list of options

Windows 7-Display the old taskbar button context menu

Windows 7 provides an easy way to get the old context menu - just hold down Shift and right-click the taskbar button.

Windows 7-Right-click everything

Almost every thing may be set by right clicking. For example you want to set your screen resolution just Right-click at an empty part of your desktop you will find here a menu entry to set your screen resolution. You need not to go browsing through the display settings. For speedy access to common system folders Documents, Pictures, the Windows folder, and more just Right-click the Explorer icon on the taskbar. If you don't want to use Internet Explorer and do not want its icon to be permanently displayed on the taskbar. Right-click the icon, click'Unpin this program from the taskbar.

Windows 7-Disable Windows Features

In Windows 7 you can remove many Windows features like Internet Explorer, Media Player, Windows Search, indexing service, Gadgets and many more, however you need to do this very cautiously, because some other program may rely on any of them(For instance removing Media Player will break many other program). To perform this task, Click Start, type OptionalFeatures and press Enter to launch the Windows Features dialog. Clear the checkbox on the left side of any features which you want to remove and click OK.

Windows 7 Basics- A tutorial Part-2, Windows 7-Fault-Tolerant Help, Windows 7-Problem Steps Recorder, Windows 7-Clean up Live Essentials, Windows 7-Burn images, Windows 7-Calibrate your screen, Windows 7-Control devices and printers, Windows 7-Display the old taskbar button context menu, Windows 7-Right-click everything, Windows 7-Disable Windows Features

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