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The Cutwail botnet or Pushdo Trojan-Symptoms, Causes and How to remove

Pushdo Trojan-Symptoms, Causes and How to remove
Pushdo Trojan, also known as Backdoor:win32/Pushdo.A, first reported to appeared in September 2007. It is a dangerous Trojan infection and creates severe  damage to your system. The Pushdo Trojan will automatically download and install other infective software on your PC without your information. Like other Trojans it will steal your personal sensitive data and send it to a remote server of cyber criminals. Pushdo Trojan does not have interface ant it makes it difficult to trace.
Pushdo Trojan-Symptoms, Causes and How to remove

Possible Symptoms of Presence of Pushdo Trojan in your PC

Though it is very difficult to detect a Pushdo Trojan, yet  there are certain symptoms your PC will exhibit when it is infected by the Pushdo Trojan. These are-

1.         Your system settings change automatically.

2.         Computer boot time increases and works slow.

3.        You computer may hang or shut down unexpectedly.
4.        You may feel that you have lost control over your computer.

5.         Files  appear and disappear.

6.         Computer may become unreliable.

7.         Your browser maybe redirected to infectious pages.

8.         Pop-ups and banners maybe added to your visited sites

9.         May display Malware promoting ads.

How your computer got infected by Pushdo Trojan

Please Notes that Trojans have very a few methods to spread tem selves. One or more of the following may have been the cause of your computer being infected by Trojan Pushdo -

1.    By clicking and opening an attachment to e-mail which may be spam or infected.

2.    By clicking a link which may be infected   

3.  You may not using an updated and reliable antivirus software.

4.    You may have visited a suspicious page.   

5.  You may have acquired Pushdo Trojan via bundled downloads.

How to remove Pushdo Trojan from Your Computer

If you do not get alerted quickly the very dangerous backdoor Pushdo Trojan will cause severe damage to your Machine.

1. Download and install a reliable anti-malware application and it will clean your system from all malicious components including Pushdo Trojan. 

2. If you have a great knowledge and confident of perform the entire process without mistake you can try to remove Pushdo Trojan manually but please note that making a small mistake during the entire process may cause severe harm to your system. Therefore I am not explaining it here. Those who are expert already know it and if not they need not to try.

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