How to Generate image HTML code free of cost at Google Blogger Post editor

As a routine blog posting we create images or atleast an image, save these to our hard drive and upload them using the image icon available in the blogger post editor. Sometimes we need an HTML code of a picture or an image to use it in a different way we try to get it from other way or from a website offering such service on premium or at par. Whenever bloggers needs an HTML code for an image or a picture he must always use the blogger post editor for this purpose. You can easily generate the HTML code for any of your image or picture in the following easy steps – 

HTML Code generation for image photo

Login to your blogger Dash Board

Open the Blogger Post Editor by clicking the +New Post as shown in the image given below.

Blogger Post editor new post screen 


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Now the following screen will appear.


Blogger Post editor compose mode

Now choose ‘Compose’ Mode by clicking on it. Please note that you need not to write anything here. You have to just upload the image for which you want to generate the HTML Code.


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 Next click in the image icon.

 Now you will be directed to the image selection screen like this-

Blogger Post editor image selection screen

Please choose the source of image file, select the image and click ‘open’.

The image will appear on the screen like the image given below and the “Add Selected” button will be highlighted like this.


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Blogger Post editor add selected button highlighted

Now click add selected button, the image will be uploaded come to the blogger post editor screen like this-


Blogger Post editor image uploaded


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Now click anywhere on the image, a customization menu will appear under the image like this.

Blogger Post editor image customization options

Please customize, align and resize the image as per your choice. Please note that choose original size for best appearance.


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Now click pencil icon in the top left corner of the blogger post editor and click on ‘<>HTML View’ button button. Now the image will disappear and an HTML code will appear as given in the image below –


Blogger Post editor image HTML code generated

This is the HTML code of the given image. Copy, this code and save it carefully for further use. You can use it in java script/HTML Gadgets, any HTML document or anywhere else you need. You can use it in place of the image while creating a post or other documents.


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You can confirm the image and HTML by clicking again to the ‘Compose’ button.

Now you need not to save it, just exit without saving or delete if it is saved as draft automatically.

You have got the code for image generated and that’s all and done.

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