TrueCaller app to Trace Contact Details of Unknown Phone Numbers, Spammers

TrueCaller - An app to Trace Contact Details of  Unknown Phone Numbers and Spamers

The telemarketers are a great headache for mobile phone users. They send unwanted/unsolicited calls all the day. Some times it is very annoying when you are busy in some urgent work and suddenly the phone rings and you find that the call was useless.The true caller is infact  software to replace your phone book, which can identify the number from which you have received the call. The true caller application was first created by Alan and Nemi in 2009 and surprisingly they got a huge response with 10000 downloads within a week. Since then the app has gone through considerable improvements.
TrueCaller  - A very useful app.

How The Truecaller System Works

True caller in real is a mobile phone directory of the world top mobile spammers giving you an access to the spammers. You can block the calls originated from these numbers. A search function is available to search various communities like Financial Institutions, Business or friends. Sometimes you may receive requests from someone who wants to know your number but you are at liberty and not bound to give him your number.


Features and Specifications of TrueCaller             

1) A phonebook of based on database picture address etc. available.

2) A free of charge reverse lookup facility.

3)Contact details from trucaller database, this is a premium service.

4) Blocking spam calls.

Main Benefits of TrueCaller

1)      True caller is available for download free of charge.

2)      After installation, TrueCaller helps you to  update your profile on its database

3)  Allowes you to Include and update your socilamedia contacts, blog/website details twitter handle etc.

4)     Allows you to remove your mobile phone number from true caller database.

5) Though you have a CLIP(Calling Line Identification Program) on your phone but true caller will provide one in addition, giving you more details about the caller.

6)   You will get details of unknown mobile phone so that you can decide to respond or not the missed calls received from these numbers.

7)    You can get more details about these numbers that they belongs to a spammer or not.

To get More Details and downloading the true caller Application you can Click here.

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