Effective Remedy for all Computer Problems - Glarysoft Utility

Glarysoft Utility4-An Effective Remedy for all Computer Problems 

Glary Utilities is the ideal freeware to optimize and maintain your computer available free of cost. A strict condition that you can use free  strictly for personal computers and without adds. It is very useful for those who love their systems and want to keep it always in optimized condition at no cost and with less efforts. There are a number of system optimization software, but Glary Utilities is Completely free for personal use. , it offers multiple tools to fix, speed up and protect your computer and System optimization with one click. It is like an army men’s knife.
Glarysoft Utility4-An Effective Remedy for all Computer Problems

GlarySoft-Features and Specifications

   1. Registry  repair, defragmentation , backup and restore

     2. Hard drive cleaning , removing duplicate files , empty folders , shortcuts and broken disk pace  analysis thus free Disk Space.            
     3. System Setup - freeing memory and configuration wizard browsers.
     4. Anti –malware.
     5.  Protection of Privacy: deleting history , final erase file , cleaning of empty space , file encryption
     6.    Control system - startup programs , services, scheduled tasks , context menus, process.
     7.     System status - System information , backup / restore job , system repair , cancellation changes

     8.     Discs: defragmentation and boot-time defragmentation , disk error search
     9.     Drivers - backup / restore, uninstall.
     10.   Files - split files, restoring deleted files, fast search
     11.   Programs - Uninstall , research update , search for new software
     12.  Boosts PC speed and fixes frustrating errors, crashes and freezes.
     13.  Scans and analyses your PC issues eight times faster and more thoroughly than before.
     14. Includes over 20+ system utilities to improve your computer performance. 800% Faster. 
      15. No matter if you own an old PC or a new notebook, Glary Utilities is compatible with. 

Glarysoft Utility Very easy to use

The Glarysoft Utility 4 is so easy to operate that even a beginner can easily operate it. Program menus and very well organized and run very fast. You can maintain your computer and a one click maintenance is also provided. Menus are well organized and an online support is available.

GlarySoft4 Premium

A premium version of GlarySoft4 is also available with additional features like Deep clean and fix, Automatic maintenance, Automatic updates, Erasing privacy tracks.


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