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Add Google Custom Search to your blog website for better search results

Every blog template or website template has an adequate arrangements for the internal search of the relevant website or blog, but if you want better search results you will need to add Google Custom Search to your blog or website. The Google Custom Search Engine uses the same technology used by Google General search, hence it gives you fast, accurate and better results. The basic version is free and allows you 20000 search queries per year. If you have an AdSense account you will also have an earning opportunities by the ads displayed there. Read more on Difference between templates default search and Google Custom Search. Follow these steps to add Google custom search to your blog/website and see the difference-
Google custom search for better results

To add Google Custom Search to your blog go to Google Custom Search website and login using your Google account ID and password. Now select ‘New search engine’, the following screen willapper.
Google Custom Screen Screen 1
Please enter the URL of your blog/website below ‘Sites to search’ as indicated above. Now the name of your site/blog will automatically appear below ‘Name of the search Engine’. Now click ‘CREATE’. Now you will receive a congratulation message regarding your creation of your custom search engine as shown in the image below, if you have done it correctly -
Google Custom Screen Screen 2
Now you need a script to be added to your HTML file. To get this code click ‘Get Code’ as indicated in the image above. When you click ‘Get Code’ you will receive a script like one given below -
Google Custom Screen Code Screen
Now you have received the script and you have to add it to your HTML file. To add it to your blog HTML file. Go to your blogger ‘Dashboard>Layout>Add a gadget>HTML/Java script, the box will be opened. Pleas copy and paste the code in the box and click ‘Save’.

That is all and you are done. You have successfully installed the ‘Google Custom Search’ on your blog.

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Very useful information here for bloggers. Thanks for this post.

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Google custom shirt is far better then the templat'e default search.