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Gmail Account- How to use Gmail Search Option, a detailed explanation

Gmail Account- How to use Gmail Search Option, a detailed explanation-Gmail is worlds best email service provider and used by largest number of users world wide. It is a Google Inc. initiative and very easy to use and very fast service. Many times we need to search old mails. It may be for the purpose of some type of reference, for cauterization, for deletion to clean our inbox or for some thing else. Gmail provides a number of email search options which are explained below in brief -.
A detailed explanation  - Gmail Account Search Option

Gmail Account-How to keep your inbox clean and delete unwanted mails

Gmail Account-How to keep your inbox clean and delete unwanted mails - Gmail is provided by Google and is world’s most preferred email. Gmail is very easy to use and provides a large number of features to make it more easy to use. Gmail provides 15 GB of space per account and this space is sufficient. We can send and receive attachments with our emails and each email attachment must be less than 25 MB of size. If we send and receive emails without any attachment, the 15 GB space is enough but the attachment occupy much more space. I have thousands of sent and received emails and others may have many times more than this but each email is sent or received with an attachment of 25 MB (The allowed limit) the 15 GB space will be exhausted in 614 emails. Therefore we must always keep on deleting unwanted emails to keep our inbox clean. Follow these steps to keep your inbox clean –
Gmail Account-Keep your inbox clean and delete unwanted mails

Basics tips to save your computer from Cyber criminals - Computer security is a great concern now a day. Cyber criminals create havoc occasionally and the security agencies always fail to do anything. Governments are either apathetic or lacking will power. There are no strong laws do deal with the cyber criminals. New threats keep on coming all the way and the cyber criminal’s new ways of creating trouble to internet users. The users suffer data loss and financial loss. In this situation we have to try our best to keep out system safe our own. The following tips may prove very helpful –
Basics tips to save your computer from Cyber criminals

How to set a strong password-Important tips on password setting

How to set a strong password-Important tips on password setting-Yesterday one of my friends was sitting with me in my house. After a while she received a phone call from her son who was in the need of some money. She told her son to take the ATM card from the cupboard and withdraw the amount from ATM, the ATM PIN is 1234 and disconnected the call. I was astonished to hear the PIN 1234 but in my friends view there was nothing wrong in this and it is a headache to remember passwords. She has all her passwords easy to remember like date of births of children etc. she also told me that she also knows the passwords of many friends and some of them still use the word password as provided by the vendor.
Strong password-Important tips on password setting

Step-by-step guide to Backup your Android Smartphone

Step-by-step guide to Backup your Android Smartphone-The Smartphone are now an important part of our life. A lot of Smartphone market is booked by Smartphone running on Android Operating system. All of us not only use them but we fully depend on it. It works like our small, safe house, in which we save our very important personal data and memories. That data and memories are part of our life. In today’s busy life we don’t have time to save them somewhere else every day.
Backup your Android Smartphone

Tremendous Windows 10 Cortana-The great feature in windows 10- Cortana a detailed study

Tremendous Windows 10 Cortana-The great feature in windows 10- Cortana a detailed study-Cortana is one of the Newest and very important feature by Microsoft, launched with Windows 10. Through cortana and many other applications like this, Microsoft has converted the Windows Desktop in a Windows Phone and made it very easy. Cortana is amazing and visible in Windows 10’s taskbar. Cortana have both text and voice features. You can do a lot of things with it when you give commands through type a question and voice command.
Tremendous Windows 10 Cortana-The great feature in windows 10

Common GK SSC, UPSC, Banks, Defence, CGL, Railways, 50 common used abbreviations and their full form

50 प्रश्नों के इस नए वीडियो में सामान्यतया उपयोग में आने वाले 50 एबरिविएशन समझाए गए हैं जो बार-बार प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं में पूछे जाते हैं । प्रसन्न हमने पुराने प्रश्न पत्रों से लिए हैं और आरपीएससी, यूपीएससी, एसएससी, सीजीएल, आईबीपीएस, बैंकिंग की परीक्षाएं, डिफेंस यानी आर्मी नेवी एयरफोर्स, इंडियन रेलवेज, विभिन्न स्टेट पुलिस परीक्षा एवं केंद्रीय पैरामिलिट्री सर्विसेस की परीक्षाओं में आमतौर पर पूछे जाते हैं ।
India GK, Commonly used abbreviations

How to Organize and Add shortcuts to the Apps in All Apps list on Windows 10

How to Organize and Add shortcuts to the Apps in All Apps list on Windows 10 - The apps list function of Windows 10 is very different from Windows 7. In Windows 7 we can easily create shortcuts on desktop by drag-and-drop function or right click on app link in the start menu and click on send to the desktop. But in Windows 10 that functions is not available to create shortcuts on desktop.
Organize and Add shortcuts to the Apps in  Windows 10

Android Phone-Call Blocker, SMS Text Message blocker Apps

Android Phone-Call Blocker, SMS Text Message blocker Apps - All of us use mobile phones for our convenience but sometimes you are extremely busy and your phone rings, you are sleeping and your phone rings. If the caller is a genuine one, we don’t feel disturbed but if it is a call or SMS from a telemarketer or some advertiser or a call we don’t want to receive, we feel quite annoyed. Sometimes the number of such bogus calls and text messages is quite annoying. Now apps to block such communication are available in the web world. You can use the following apps for your Android device -
Android Phone-Call Blocker, SMS Text Message blocker Apps

Gmail Account – How to block unwanted spam Emails in simple steps

Gmail Account – How to block unwanted spam Emails in simple steps - Gmail is the best email service of the world. It is fastest and has advance features. It has the highest number of users in the world. Spam emails are a great problem in the email services but Gmail has adequate arrangements to combat spammers. With the help of Gmail filters you can easily block spammers in simple steps. Once you have created a filter it can be reversed in need.
Gmail Account – How to block unwanted spam Emails in simple steps

How to permanently delete a wordpress blog in easy steps

How to permanently delete a wordpress blog in easy steps - The deletion of a word press blog is very easy process but not so easy as in blogger blog where blog can be deleted just in a single click. Blogger provides everything very easy. I think in comparison with other blogging platforms blogger is easiest. Though a number of people recommend word press but in my view wordpress is much more complicated in comparison with blogger. To delete a word press blog follow these easy steps -
How to permanently delete a wordpress

Windows-10, Advance System setting to Optimize Performance, Virtual Memory, Speed Up

Windows-10, Advance System setting to Optimize Performance, Virtual Memory, Speed Up-Windows-10 runs much faster than previous versions of Microsoft windows and its features are more user friendly and easy to use in comparison with its previous versions. A number of additional options are provided. System settings are also very easy and in this article I will discuss about advance system settings to optimize speed, performance and virtual memory in easy steps-
Windows-10, Advance System setting

Blogger SEO-Nofollow Links, Dofollow Links and their impact on page ranking

Blogger SEO-Nofollow Links, Dofollow Links and their impact on page ranking - Noindex, doindex, Meta tag, meta robots, nofollow, dofollow are the terms most commonly discussed by the search engine optimization experts. All these terms are very crucial from the search engine optimization angle. All these equally effect the search results of all major search engine robots like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN and Ask etc. In my study I found that a lot of blogger don’t care about these things and some of them even don’t know about these. The subject is very vast and can not be explained in one or two articles. Today I am trying to explain “Dofollow links” and “nofollow links” in brief in the following paragraphs –
Blogger SEO-Nofollow Links, Dofollow Links and their impact on page ranking

How to enhance the browsing Speed of your Android smart phone or Tablet

How to enhance the browsing Speed of your Android smart phone or Tablet - If you feel that the surfing speed of your Android tabled is slow and you have to wait for the pages to load, naturally you will feel quite annoyed. Though 4G connectivity is available in major cities but 4G or 3G are not the only factor effecting your internet speed. You can enhance the speed of your smart phone or tables by some simple settings in it. The following steps may enhance the surfing speed of your Android based Smart Phone or Tablet -
How to enhance the browsing Speed of your Android smart phone or Table

Windows 10 a list of useful and easy to use features

Windows 10 a list of useful and easy to use features - In my last article on
TIPSFOR WINDOWS 10-important features and how to use them I tried to explain a number of windows 10 features. As the best ever operating system from the house of Microsoft has a lot of attractive features so in this article I explain I am explaining some more features of Windows 10. As the operating system windows 10 is new among the users therefore I think my effort will be useful for new users.
Windows 10 a list of useful and easy to use features 

TIPS FOR WINDOWS 10-important features and how to use them

TIPS FOR WINDOWS 10-important features and how to use them Windows – 10 is considered to be the best ever and fastest operating system released by Microsoft Corporation. It has a number of tremendous features which make it really unique. Cortana, though not available in most of the countries but soon it may be available worldwide. If we set aside Cortana for a while, still windows-10 prove to be a unique Operating system. Some of the features which make windows-10 unique are given below. For more Windows 10 features please
TIPS FOR WINDOWS 10-important features 

How to prepare a bootable USB drive for Windows 10 - The newest and best ever operating system Windows 10 was released July 29, 2015 is available to download for those having genuine copies of Microsoft Windows and Windows 8. Since its release, Windows 10 has been installed in millions of computers and working quite satisfactorily. You can prepare a bootable CD or USB which can be used to install on your computer as fresh installation on reinstall in case of an unfortunate crash or other trouble. Instead of a compact disk a USB Drive must be preferred as per the opinion of experts considering its read/write speed and easy maintenance.
How to prepare a bootable USB drive for Windows 10

Windows 10 – How to disable automatic updates in Windows 10 All the new or old operating systems of Microsoft are constantly updated by them by sending updates automatically to their users. There are updates of various categories like critical updates, important updates, recommended updates and optional updates. A number of users don’t like updates but in my view updates are very important and we must install them whenever they are available. We must never ignore the critical updates, important updates and recommended updates, because the updates are delivered to enhance performance and security. However you can ignore optional updates.
Windows 10 – How to disable automatic updates in Windows 10

Windows Updates-understanding windows updates types of updates Importance of updates-Microsoft Windows is considered to be the best operating system and it used by the largest number of users in the world. Microsoft has an adequate arrangement of efficient and highly skilled staff at their labs at MSDN(Microsoft Developers Network). They keep a constant vigil to improve and keep the software up to date in all respects. Whenever a new development comes or an improvement is made in the existing software, Microsoft updates their existing users connected to the internet. Some of the user don’t want to receive updates but many of the updates must not be ignored. In the forgoing paragraphs, updates are discussed in detail –

Windows Updates-understanding windows updates

The uses of Gmail other than sending and receiving Emails - Gmail, the worlds No 1 email service is not only a platform to send and receive emails only but it has a number of features which are almost not available in other email services, in other words we can say as an email service provider Gmail has no rival. Gmail not only provides the facility of sending and receiving emails to its users but it provides a lot of other facilities to its users and that is the reason that Gmail is considered to be the best email service of the world. Some of the important features of Gmail which are in addition to sending and receiving emails are given below -
More uses of Gmail

Windows-10 important shortcuts and windows 10 shortcut key combinations

Windows-10 important shortcuts and windows 10 shortcut key combinations - Not only windows 10 but every program has a number of shortcuts or shortcut keys. Short cuts are very important and help users to work easy and faster. Like other operating systems windows 10 also have a number of shortcuts. A list of important shortcuts for windows 10 and Microsoft Edge is given below -
Windows 10 shortcuts

Simple smart ways to enhance your android phone battery life

Simple ways to enhance your android phone battery life - The modern smart phones perform like computers and therefore need high resolutions consuming more power because they need to perform multi tasks. Most of the devices are delivered by the manufacturers with Li-ion batteries with quick recharge feature but a long battery life may not be possible. Whichever the type of battery may be used, it will go down after a certain time but if we take some care we may increase this period. Following tips may be helpful to enhance the life span of all types of batteries –
Android phone battery saving

What is WhatsApp custom notification setting on Android device

What is WhatsApp custom notification setting on Android device - Custom notification is a very useful feature in WhatsApp. With the help of this feature we can choose the notifications, weather they are from the contacts of our interest or not. We want to respond these now, later at time of our convenience or we don’t want to respond them at all. Setting of custom notifications on an Android Device is very easy and a lot options are provided. The WhatsApp custom notification feature is discussed below in brief -
whatsapp custom notification

Buying a smartphone-carefully check these before final purchasing smartphone

Buying a new smartphone-carefully check these before final purchase - At present smart phone has become our primary requirement. Now smart phones are performing very important tasks which were a few years back possible on computers only. Up to late nineties computers had an internal storage of 2-4GB and now a smart phones has an internal storage of 128 GB. At the initial stage mobile phones could record a video clip of only few seconds and the modern smart phones record unlimited video. These features have made the smart phones an essential part of our life. A number of smart phones are available in the modern market and you can choose one as per your need and budget but you need to be very smart while purchasing a smart phone -
Tips to buy a new smartphone

Security tips for your Gmail account-the 2 Step verification

Our Gmail accounts are very important for us and Gmail is used by the largest number of users in the world and our all other accounts at Google are also linked with our Gmail account. Thus our Gmail account is a gateway to all our account with Google. These days millions of cyber criminals are active in the world and nobody knows who will be the victim and when, therefore Gmail has proper arrangements for our accounts. One such arrangement is the 2step verification. The 2step verification is explained below in detail –
2 step verification in Gmail

How to register image at picasaweb and generate HTML code using blogger blog

At many times we need html code for some images and look for a website who can host our image and provide us HTML code at par or at premium. Do you know that your blogger platform is the best alternative for it. Google products are made available to the users almost free of cost and at very user friendly terms. Ptcasaweb is also a Google product where all the images of bloggers using blogspot platform are saved. Every blogger uses 15 GB space free and then at a nominal cost. Many of the users pay premium to other websites to register the images there and get an HTML code for a picture or an image, but you need not to pay any premium for this job. You can simply register the images at Picasaweb and get an HTML code at no cost. The simple process for this job is explained below
Blogger is best image HTML Code Generator

How to Remove unwanted Google Chrome plugins and extensions to enhance speed

At the time of installation Google chrome may automatically install and enable a number of plugs and activates automatically. These plugins may be related to display devices like Adobe Flash Player. Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Media player or Java. All these are important but some others may not be useful for your routine browsing. Plugins consume memory and effect the speed of your Chrome and may slow down it. In such case you must disable all the plugins you don’t need.
Chrome extensions and plugins

Manage partition of your hard disk without reinstalling Windows

In our computer we use different size of hard disk. In which we create different partitions like C:, D:, E: and so on. The size of partitions may be equal or different. We can make partition while first installing Windows and install Windows in a specific part (partition) of hard disk created by us. We do it because we don’t want to lose our data during reinstalling Windows. Because at the time of installation first we have to format the partition in which we want to install Windows. But we can also manage hard disk partition in some easy steps without disturbing existing Windows.
Hard disk partition Image

Difference between templates default search and Google Custom Search

A quality search enabling the user to discover all the interesting contents, time stamp of the post identify the post if it is of evergreen nature and an effective commenting system to know the popularity of the contents are the three important things to give its users a best experience. All the templates provide internal search option but as far as it relates to internet search, Google Search has no rival in the world.
Google Custom Search

Twitter is one of the most popular social media website of the world and it is much better in comparison with face book. On facebook you will find people involved in antisocial activities, a lot of stuff we don’t like but chances of such activities are rare on twitter. You will always find very useful material, almost well educated and responsible people on twitter. Twitter provides high class customer support and a number of useful tools. Some of the powerful tools are given below-
Powerful twitter tools

CSS for Blogger-Drop caps First letter capital Big & different color in blogger blog posts

CSS for Blogger-Drop caps First letter  capital Big & different color in blogger blog posts- Drop caps is term in writing text article and it mean the beginning letter appears bigger than the rest of the text. As we see in many articles the first letter of the article appears big in size and sometimes the first letter appears even a different color too. This is a writing style and looks attractive. We can use it in our blog posts too. For this we need to add a small CSS code to our blog template HTML file. After adding the code, the style will automatically implied to the blog posts at the time of posting. The CSS code and the simple procedure is explained below-
Drop Caps

Causes of Cancer-these things-they are carcinogens or cancer causing

Cancer-Beware of these things-they are carcinogens or cancer causing-Cancer the most dreadful disease claims largest number of lives and as per an estimate 7.6 million people loss their lives due to cancer. In modern advanced medical science is curable if detected in its early stage but if detected in advanced stage the chances of survival are grim. Therefore the best option is to save yourself from the thing causing it. the things causing cancer are listed below -

How to Unlock Android Device screen using Google’s Android Devicemanager

How to Unlock Android Device screen using Google’s Android Devicemanager-When we purchase a new Android Smartphone, it is without any screen locking arrangements and  the  screen  activates  by  just  swiping  across  it. But  we  set  up  some sort  of  security arrangements like a PIN, a password, a pattern etc to unlock the screen of our Android Smartphone. This is to keep  other  people  may  be  strangers  or  friends  from  seeing  our  data  like messages or pictures. But sometimes we  cannot  access  our  phone,  due  to  forgetting  our  password  PIN  or  the  pattern set. The following tips may prove very helpful to you in such case -
Unlock Android Devpce

SmartPhone- Security tips for Smartphone android phone

The smart phones are going smarter day by day and as they go smarter they need smarter care because they contain extremely valuable things and data. Suppose you have misplaced your smart phone or it is hacked by criminals or stolen by someone what would happen? Imagining the situation you can imagine that the security of your smart phone must be your top priority. The following tips may become much more useful for you.
SmartPhone- Security tips

Smartphone Addiction Syndrome, its bad effects and how to get rid of this bad habit
If you always keep on searching something on your smart phone or waste your time in unproductive works.

If you always remain busy in activities other than surfing making or receiving calls or SMS.

You may be victim of the Smartphone Addiction Syndrome.
Smartphone Addiction Syndrome

High risk computer infection Trojan.Adclicker causes actions removal tips

High risk computer infection Trojan.Adclicker causes actions removal tips
Trojan Adclicker is a Trojan horse malware and was first detected by Symentec in September 2003 and was given the detection name Trojan Adclicker.
This malicious programs is primarily designed to share the primary functionality of artificially generating traffic to pay-per-click web advertising campaigns in order to create or boost revenue.
The infection targets all versions of Microsoft Windows and enters your system without your notice.
The infection stays hidden and copy itself and spread without infecting other files.
In addition of various ads, pop-ups, banners the Trojan Adclicker will also steal your sensitive information and affect your system’s functionality.
Trojan Adclicker

Facebook Tagging Scam-the Malware Spreads Through automatic tagging

Facebook Tagging Scam-the Malware Spreads Through automatic tagging-How would you feel if you see a porn video link or a porn picture on your time line while  logging in to your facebook account. You also come to know that it is one of your Facebook friend's who is known to be very decent and responsible person who posted this on his timeline and tagged you. Of course, the image of your friend posting such a thing will be completely tarnished in your mind. And if you receive phone calls from your friends what this nonsense you have posted on your timeline and tagged us where as you have not logged in to your facebook account since many days.
Facebook tagging scam

Highly Dangerous Trojan DDoS:Win32/Abot.A causes actions how to remove full process

Highly Dangerous Trojan DDoS:Win32/Abot.A causes actions removal process - The highly dangerous malware Trojan DDoS:Win32/Abot.A belongs to the Gimeno family of malware. It is a trojan that connects to a remote website to download and execute arbitrary files. It may also receive instructions from the remote server to perform distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against certain websites. It  is an extremely malicious computer infection. It may cause serious damage to your Computer system if you don’t be careful.  It is distributed via spam e-mails, bundled downloads, fake ads and so on.

Tips and tricks to enhance Smart Phone battery life

Smart phones are great utility and we can’t live without a smart phone in modern time. In addition to making voice/video calls, taking photos recording videos, they do almost all the tasks, previously done by desktops/laptops such as emailing, browsing the internet and respond to messages. Greatest problem with a smart phone is its battery life. The following tips(Settings mentioned are mostly based on iPhone and may differ in other models) may help enhance battery life to some extent-
Smart Phone battery life

Turn on flight mode or torn off mobile data when signal is weak or no signal

The mobile handsets keep on searching for signal constantly and this action consumes battery and data. So if you are in an area where there are weak signals or no signals at all, turn on flight mode  or turn off mobile data. The flight mode ((also called Airplane mode or stand alone mode) is an offline mode and may not be a better option as it prevents the device from sending or receiving calls and text messages thus Though it will save your battery but you'll get no calls, messages and it is equal to a switched off handset. The second option, turning mobile data off  may be some better choice because your Phone will still receive calls and texts but it stop constantly searching for networks. To activate this, go to Settings >Mobile Data and toggle Mobile Data off.

Keep vibration alert off

We don’t need Vibration alerts all the time but it is required only when  the handset is on silent mode. A motor comes into action during vibration alert which consumes battery.  Therefore always keep vibrations off when not required. Just go to Settings>Sounds and toggle Vibrate on Ring and Vibrate on Silent off.


Set screen brightness to a minimum required level

Brightness of your device screen consumes considerable power and most of the time especially indoors we don’t need a high brightness. So set the brightness of your device screen brightness level to a minimum required. Just  Slide up from the bottom of your home screen and toggle the screen brightness to as low as you can go.

Avoid frequently turning on device screen

Some users are habitual of putting their device screen on and off frequently without any reason, strangely sometimes even to check the current time. While we turn our screen on it consumes power. Try to avoid turning on your display unnecessarily as much as you can.

Set display Auto-Lock to minimum(30 seconds)

You should turn the display on whenever it is necessary for example to check notifications, messages etc but must remember to put it off too. We turn on screen for many reasons but mostly forget to turn the display off and it keeps consuming power if Auto-Lock is set improperly. Therefore always set Auto-Lock to the shortest possible time ie 30 seconds.

Turn off unnecessary notifications

We receive a lot of notifications and most of them are useless for us, therefore, control your notifications to save battery life. Go to Settings > Notifications and then start filtering through your apps.

Check and avoid more power consuming apps

As we all know some of the apps consume comparatively more. You can check which apps are consuming your mobile battery the most. Just go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage. You have two options here, the last seven days or the last 24 hours. It's better  to check both to see a pattern to decide which apps are to be avoided.

Switch off location tracking when not needed

Specially while on the go, your Phone is constantly using Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth and built-in GPS for tracking location. This will consume more battery so turn it off if not necessary.

Turn Hey Siri off

Siri is your voice assistant on iOS and it always remains in listening mode. Whenever Hey Siri is active keep on consuming battery. To save power you can turn the Hey Siri feature off easily by going to Settings > General > Siri > Allow "Hey Siri" and toggle it off.

Turn Low Power Mode on

Low Power Mode as it is clear by is name, will reduce power consumption by automatically turning off  background apps, frequent refresh, Mail fetch, Hey Siri, automatic downloads and reducing visual effects. Just Go to Settings > Battery and toggle it on.

Set your email frequency manually

Email are very important and it's useful to get emails as they are sent but practically it is not possible to read each mail as soon as it is received, because we doesn't have time to read them straight away. Practically we read emails at intervals and changing our email settings to get them manually will help save your battery life. You can also set hourly or so. To do this, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data.

Keep Bluetooth Turned off

Bluetooth is a power consuming app and must be switched on only when needed. Keeping Bluetooth switched off will save battery. Just Swipe up from the top and toggle Bluetooth off.

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