Blogging for beginners A Guide for Beginners on Blogger Etiquettes

Blogger Etiquettes -A Guide for Beginners 

When you first join the very large community of bloggers and start blogging this will be a trial and error period for you. Here you will to figure out things accepted and ignored in the blogosphere. Take it Guaranteed that Bloggers are almost highly educated, highly mannered, master and some times an authority on the subject matter. That’s why High morals, exemplary etiquettes, selflessness and co-operation is always found in the nature of most of bloggers. Though every one is a smart blogger but the bloggers community is also smart and has some unwritten etiquettes and every blogger is expected to follow these –
Blogger Etiquette-A Guide for Beginners
Always Original – Always post original articles written by you and never post an article copied from another blog, website or some elsewhere. However, you can do it with the permission of the copy right owner. If you do it without permission you may face legal complication.

Give Adequate credit- Some times you need some quotation, a snippet or an image for making your post contents attractive. In such case it will be better to contact the owner for permission and if it is not possible to contact, give the owner adequate by mentioning his ownership in your post.
Leave a comment – Always try to write a comment on the post you read. It will be very helpful to the writer.

Never hesitate to write adverse comment  Some bloggers have principally decided not to post ad adverse comment. In my view they must not do so because an adverse comment if it is unbiased, is more important than a favorable comment because it works as a real guide to the writer and give him a chance to improve and rectify mistakes. A thoughtful comment that shows you’ve read the blog post means much more to the blog owner.

Avoid Instigated comments  Some bloggers know each other and work as a group. They always comment on the posts of each other whether they like it or not. If no comment is received from a reader other than these, the comments will be considered as instigated comment.

Always post a real and standard comment – Comments like “A good Post”, “Afine Article”, “I like It” are non standard comments and even Google will not accept these as comments. A real and standard comment means mention some thing about what you have just read, no matter you liked it or not. Always write your real opinion.

A Token of love  if you find a new blog, link to it, Every one has been a new blogger at one, checking  page views and follower count daily to check whether or not some one  is reading his blog. A little help is always a well-received kind gesture and perhaps, they might return the favor.

Be Prompt to Reply your readers  No matter how many queries you have received always extend a word of thank thanks to the lovely people who read your blog, Please always take the time to reply back to those who posted a comment, liked, tweet or send an email to you.

Never post Anonymous Comment  Always mention in your comments that who you are ?  a comment with your blog URL will be better because you may receive visits on your blog in return.

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