Top 5 important SEO Settings Basics for Blogger Blogs For better search results

SEO Settings Basics for Blogger Blogs
For a blogger blog user, SEO setting are very simple though these simple settings may be the foremost work to become a successful blogger. SEO settings plays a crucial role. Applying appropriate SEO settings your blog may rank higher and give better search engine results. The correct SEO settings applied on your blog will give better result not only in Google search but in every popular search. So making your settings search engine friendly is the foremost thing for bloggers to make their blogger blog SEO friendly by using these easy tips.
SEO Settings Basics for Blogger Blogs

1. Change Blogger’s Default Template To a Professional Template

Blogger management is not paying much attention on it’s default templates otherwise it is not a big job for them. They provide only simple templates because they know that the provided on this free platform are already much attractive and the bloggers will arrange templates of their choice at their end. Moreover a plenty of free templates are available on the web. If we customize a blogger template and add gadgets of our choice, the bloggers template will be totally converted to a new template. Therefore it will be better to arrange a custom template free or premium at our end. Blogger provides a very easy system to install a custom template, just download, unzip and upload.

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2. Blogger’s Custom Robots.txt file Setting

The setting of Custom Robots.txt file is a crucial job and needs special care and attention. Please note that If you do not have an extensive knowledge about the Custom Robots.txt file Setting, never try to modify it. This file contains instructions to the Robot of a search engine and its incorrect setting may totally spoil your search settings. This file is mostly uses to block or tell the search robots not to crawl specific pages, for example you have 100 pages on your blog and you want the search robots to crawl only 95 pages, then you can set this file as per your needs. For a detailed study go to 

3. Blogger Blog’s Custom Robots Header Tags Settings

This is the basic seo strategy for all blogger users immediately after creating the blog. Correct setting of Custom Robots Header Tags will give you considerably better search results and enhance your traffic. Like all other blogger search settings Custom Robots Header Tags Settings is also very easy. Just login to your blogger dashboard, click setting, click search preferences, click edit Custom Robots Header Tags your tags will open. You have only to check the boxes of your preference and save changes. Special care is needed while making any change to your Custom Robots Header Tags Settings. For a detailed study go to 

4. Make Your Blogger Blog Post Title SEO Friendly

If you want to boost your post customize your post title for search engines results. Always try to add reach keywords in post title. Your keywords must always be relevant to your post contents. Also Make your blog post title SEO friendly by doing these all title customization inside blogger template. Some SEO experts advise to edit the HTML file and change the header tags toH1, H2 etc but this will not work because this will not be saved in the blogger’s server. You can find a million of SEO expert on the web but nothing useful. All the SEO settings are in your hand and you are the only SEO expert fot your blog.


5. Add Meta Description to all Individual Blogger Blog Posts

Adding Meta Description to all individual Blog Posts is a new and Advance options (Meta Description). It is a summarize of your blog post or post page for robots about this particular page. You will have to enable this feature, otherwise it will not appear at the time pf creating a new post. To enable login to your blogger dashboard, click setting, click Edit in the line of description(Under Meta Tag), In the line ‘Enable search description’ select ‘yes’, write brief description about blog in 150 characters and save changes.

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