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Benefits and how to Sleep, Hibernate and Hybrid Sleep Modes in Windows

Sleep, Hibernate and Hybrid Sleep Modes in Windows  
Several options are provides in Windows for conserving power when your PC is in idle condition means you are not using it. As far as power saving concern Sleep, Hybrid Sleep and Hibernate are very important modes and specially when you are using a laptop. This article is meant for beginners because all the expert computer users already know it. Hibernate as is a state of shutting  down the computer in as it is condition. It is very useful when you are working on your computer and you have to leave it for some another urgent work and you have no time to complete the task in hand.

Windows 7-Sleep, Hibernate and Hybrid Sleep Modes

 What Is a Sleep Mode in Windows  

Sleep is a power-saving state in which computer quickly(Within Seconds) resumes full-power operation when you resume your work. Putting the computer to sleep mode is similar to pausing a running music player. In sleep mode the computer immediately stops what it’s doing and is ready to resume working fast. If the battery of your laptop goes critically low and the laptop is in the sleep mode, Windows automatically puts it into hibernation mode.


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Benefits of Using Sleep Mode   

To save the power you can put your computer to sleep mode instead of shutting it down. In sleep mode the display turns off and often the  fan stops. A light on the cabinet of your computer case blinks to indicate that the computer is in sleep mode. Windows will remember what you were doing, before going to sleep mode, there's no need to close your programs and files. The next time you turn on your computer the screen will look exactly as it was before you turned it off. But it's a good habit to save your work before putting the computer into any low-power mode. To wake your computer, press the power button on your computer case. Because you don't have to wait for Windows to start, your computer wakes within seconds and you can resume work almost immediately.

What Is a Hybrid Sleep Mode in Windows

Hybrid sleep is a function designed specially for desktop users. It is a combination of sleep and hibernate which puts all open documents and applications in memory as well as on your hard disk. In this mode the Computer is in a low-power consuming state. You can resume your work immediately in Hybrid sleep mode. If a power failure occurs during this period, Windows will restore your work from the hard disk. If the hybrid sleep is turned on, it automatically puts your computer into hybrid sleep. In windows default setting for desk top PC Hybrid sleep is set to on by default but you can change the setting.


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What Is a Hibernate Mode in Windows

The Power saving mode Hibernation is particularly designed for laptops. Sleep puts your work and settings in memory thus consuming a small amount of power, hibernation saves your all open documents and programs in as it is condition on your hard disk, and  turns off the computer and your current state is saved in a file “hiberfile.sys”. Hibernation is best of all the power-saving modes in Windows, uses the least amount of power.

How to Put Your Computer in Hibernate or sleep mode

Click  Start

Hover Mouse as indicated in the image.

Click Sleep or hibernate as you wish.

How to Put Your Computer in Hibernate or sleep mode

How to awake the computer from sleep or hibernation

Most of the  computers resume work by pressing computer's power switch. However, this may differ in some computers because all computers are not same. In some machines you might be able to awake your computer by just pressing any key on the keyboard, clicking a mouse button, or opening the lid of the laptop. The user manual supplied by the manufacturer with the machine or visiting the manufacturer's website may prove helpful.

If sleep or hibernate are not available on your computer

This may be due to any of the following reasons-

(1)  Your video card might not support sleep.

Remedy -Update the driver of your video card, or refer user manual

(2)  Sleep and other power-saving modes are turned off in your computer's basic input/output system (BIOS).

Remedy - Restart your computer, and enter BIOS setup and make necessary changes.

 (3)  If the hibernate option is missing, you might have hybrid sleep turned on.

If Sleep, Hibernate and hybrid Sleep modes are not Enabled

By default the Sleep, Hibernate and hybrid Sleep modes are enabled but if disabled you can easily enable them through the “Power options” provided in the “control panel” of the computer.

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