What is WannaCry, Ransomware virus or Browser Piracy virus how it works how to remove

Ransomware virus or Browser Piracy virus Demands Money

Ransomware virus or Browser privacy virus mostly infects the world’s most popular internet browsers, the Google Chrome, the Windows Internet Explorer and the Mozilla Firefox. Some times the entire system may also be locked. In my view this virus must be renamed as user cheating Virus because it is always used to cheat the user. The culprits threats the user in the name of law and they present themselves as law implementing authorities of some country. They use the pirated logo and other details of a real authority. The culprits have adequate knowledge of the authority whose particulars they use. This is mostly used in the countries where antipiracy and other cyber laws are strictly implemented. The criminals collect something like a ransom therefore it is named as ransom virus.


Ransomware virus or Browser Piracy virus Demands Money

Some facts about Ransomware

(1)  Ransomware is called by various names like, Browser Piracy virus, malware Trojan Reveton, AIDS Trojan, PC Cyborg

(2)  They ask the user to remit money to GreenDot MoneyPak, Ukash PC Cyborg Corporation,  or Paysafecard code

(3)  The culprits use Names, pirated logos, webpages of Cyber law enforcing agencies of the related state to threaten the user.

(4)  In the beginning Ransomware was spread in Russia, but at present the use of ransomware scams has grown all over the world.

(5)  Famous security software vendor McAfee released data showing that it had collected over 250,000 unique samples of ransomware in the first quarter of 2013 this figure is almost more than double the number it had obtained in the first quarter of 2012.

(6)  Ransomware was first detected in 1989 as AIDS Trojan, It is also called PC Cybrog and suspected to be written by Joseph Popp.

(7)  In the beginning the culprits used to claim that the user's license of a certain  software had expired, and  in order to unlock the system the user need to pay a certain amount to PC Cyborg Corporation.

(8)  In 2012 some template writers were also reported to be involved in the scandal.


How Ransomware Works

First the culprits install the virus on the system of the user without his knowledge. Then the ransomware scans the system for the software installed on it and transmits the scan information to the culprits. Now the criminals disable/block the browser/entire system of the user and choose the law enforcement agency on the name of which they want to threaten the user. Suppose they want to threaten an American user. Here they will use the logo and webpage information of the US Federal Investigation bureau and send user an email like "Access to your computer was denied. Illegally downloaded music tracks (in other words, 'pirated copies') have been detected on your PC", then instruct the user that he has been imposed a penalty of $0000 and your system will be reactivated after you pay the penalty. The email looks as if it has been really sent by the FBI. Such emails are always fake and bogus in rare cases some users may really pay. In fact the accounts given in such emails has no relation with the law enforcement agencies and paying such penalties are nothing other than supporting the cyber criminals by sending them money directly.


How Ransomware get installed on your computer

Ransomware is installed through an email offering you to install or download a software. The software will be called to be very useful. Some attractive offer may also be given which will be totally false. Ransomware may also be installed on your computer by clicking an unknown link in an Email or elsewhere.


What the user must think before remitting to ransomware

The computer user must be aware and always think the following before remitting such amounts-

(1)  No authority in the world can impose a cash penalty or other punishment unless an offence is proved beyond doubt in as a result of proper investigation and examination.

(2)  No authority in the world collects cash penalties using such pop-up messages.

(3)  The law enforcement agencies like Federal Bureau of investigation are high status agencies strictly follow the law of the land hence they will never involve in such unlawful activity.
(4)  In case of any violation of law, their representative will contact in person and not on email.

(5)  Only the names of the law enforcement agencies are exploited by the cyber criminals.


How to remove ransomware.

(1)  Whenever a computer user receives such message, He must always ignore this message and close your internet browser.

(2)  After closing your internet browser. Check your control penal and if you find any unwanted program remove it immediately.

(3)  Now perform a complete system scan.

(4)  If the problem still exist, restart your computer, press F8 and restore your system to an earlier date on which your computer was working properly.

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