How to get rid of Smoking the bad habit, get rid of cigarettes, quit smoking

Smoking-How to get rid of this bad habit

Smoking or intake of tobacco in any form is harmful to human as in accumulates Nicotine,  Carbon monoxide and other harmful elements in human body. Nicotine,  Carbon monoxide are slow poisons and very harmful to human body. Smoking induces about 70 other harmful chemicals. To get rid of smoking, the biggest factor is one’s will power and other thing may help but the will power is a must. Before quitting smoking we must try to remove the dirt accumulated in our body. Those who want to quit smoking must change their eating habits, and life style. The following tips may prove very helpful for those willing to get rid of smoking 

How to get rid of the bad habit of Smoking

Preparing your self for quitting Smoking

1.     The first thing you need is a strong will power. First you decide and promise yourself, not to smoke in future.

2.     Fill a copper pot in the evening on a wooden surface and drink it in the morning empty stomach every day.  In the starting you may feel some uneasiness in your stomach but it will be alright soon.

3.     You can start from a small amount like one glass or so and gradually increase to 1-2 liters. This will clear your stomach, eradicate constipations and pull out the body toxins. Please make it a permanent habit.


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Quitting Smoking using Smoking Alternatives

1.     Herbal cigarettes are also available in the market. These cigarettes contain harbals like Turmeric dust, Ginger dust, Mulethi(Liquorice) dust, Tulasi(basil) dust, Dalchini(Cinnamon) dust, Glove dust and Google dust.etc. Therefore, they fulfill your smoking needs without inducing any toxins in the body. Please note that no research reports are available in this matter.

2.     Electronic cigarettes may also be an alternative and a large number of smokers are using, though experts have not yet unanimously declared the electronic cigarettes as harm free.

How to Combat After Effects of Quitting Smoking

1.     As per the opinion of Ayurvedic experts, Shatawari(Asparagus), Brahmi(Ruta graveolens), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera or Withania radia), Trifala Churna, and Sudarshan Churna are very useful to pull toxins from body without any side effect.

2.     Take Ginger Powder, Amla(Emblica officinalis) powder, Sitopladi(A mixure of Bombusa arundinacia (Ext), Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Elettaria cardamomum (Fruit), Piper longum (Fruit)., Sugar candy), in equal quantity. Mix all in small quantity of water and make tablets of 1 gram each. When you feel severe need of  smoking, put 1 tablet in mouth and clew it slowly.

3.     The various ayurvedic neti kriya are very helpful for those willing to get rid of smoking and tobacco. This action controls the severability of your smoking desire.

4.     After quitting smoking you feel unusual taste in your mouth. In such case take low fat  vegetarian died for some period. Green vegetables, Fresh fruits, Dry Fruits may prove very helpful. Bread, Coffee, Tea, Dairy products, Meat, Fish, Eggs etc. are rich in acidic contents therefore try to avoid these.


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5.     When you quit smoking the nicotine of the body stares decreasing. This may result in excessive hunger and more eating  may result in weight gain. Therefore, a low calorie  diet will be beneficial.

6.     In most cases friend circles are responsible for smoking therefore, keep away yourself from your friends who are smokers otherwise  there are chances to restart smoking.

7.     When you feel severe need of smoking, read good books, engage your self in meditation. A strong will power will always be necessary to get rid of this bad habit.

8.     Smoking and tobacco are considered to be a major cause of lungs damage, lung cancer, stroke, heart failure and other heart disease. Though it may be difficult to get rid of such bad habits but not impossible at all. There are many alternatives but a strong will power is necessary.

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