How To Track IMEI Number of a Mobile Device google device manager to track Lost Mobile Device

How To Track IMEI Number of a Mobile Device and Lost Mobile Device

IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15 digit(14 digit serial number and a check digit calculated as per the (Luhn algorithm) is a unique identity of the instruments used for mobile communication such as mobile phone handsets, smartphone  handsets in GSM, UMTS and LTE) and iDEN mobile phones, as well as some satellite phones. This IMEI number identifies your mobile phone on the network on which it is registered. The IMEI number is extremely important as you can’t register an instrument with a communication network without it and if unfortunately you have lost your device the  first your service provider or the law enforcing agencies will demand is the IMEI number for further action.

Tracking IMEI number at your Google Account

How to track the IMEI number of your Mobile Phone

Tracking the IMEI number of a mobile instrument is very easy. Generally it is written in the battery section on the instrument and some times it is also written on the packing box of a new instrument. You can copy it from there but it can also be seen easily traced without opening the instrument. Just dial “*#06#” and your IMEI number will appear on your screen but what if your instrument is lost.

How to track the IMEI number of a lost Mobile Phone

Following are the ways to track the IMEI number of your Mobile Device in case you have lost it –

IMEI Number is written on the Purchase Bill/Receipt

While you purchase a new mobile device the dealer/vendor certainly mentions the IMEI number of the device on the bill/receipt so you can copy it from your purchase bill.


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How to track your IMEI number at Google Account

If you have lost your mobile device and the purchase bill/receipt is also not traceable, even then you can trace your IMEI number with the help of your Google Account in the following manner –

 1.     Go to

 2.     Sign in  with your account ID and password

 3.     Expand ‘Android’(Devices associated with your account will be listed with IMEI Number)

 4.     Locate your Device in the list and copy the IMEI Number.


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