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How to set a strong password-Important tips on password setting

How to set a strong password-Important tips on password setting-Yesterday one of my friends was sitting with me in my house. After a while she received a phone call from her son who was in the need of some money. She told her son to take the ATM card from the cupboard and withdraw the amount from ATM, the ATM PIN is 1234 and disconnected the call. I was astonished to hear the PIN 1234 but in my friends view there was nothing wrong in this and it is a headache to remember passwords. She has all her passwords easy to remember like date of births of children etc. she also told me that she also knows the passwords of many friends and some of them still use the word password as provided by the vendor.
Strong password-Important tips on password setting
I was once informed by Gmail team that someone tried to login to my email account from Japan, another time from Australia and a gentleman was successfully logged in to my Gmail account from Chennai. Luckily the gentleman did not harm me but the situation could be hopeless too. 


Precautions taken by websites like Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo etc to protect your account 

The service providers like Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo are very alert in this matter. They will never accept an easy password like a234 or abcd. They are very cautious even when you change your password. They will not allow you to use your last password and in some cases you can’t use your last 5 passwords. They will allow you to change to change your password after confirming a code on your registered mobile number or the registered recovery Email. They immediately inform you if any suspicious activity is noticed and alert you to change your password immediately. 

Watch this small video to learn the step by step process

What we must do to protect our password. 

1. Never set a simple password but always use a combination of figures, upper case letters, lower case letters and special characters. 

2. Never set 000000, 777777, abcdef, 12345, a date, a house number as your password because these can be cracked very easily. 

3. All the websites like Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo etc. provide password strength analyzer. If the analyzer does not indicate your password strong and the display turns green, it means your password strength is poor and you need to use another. 

4. Never use one password for many account otherwise if one password is cracked all your accounts will be open to criminals. 

5. Long passwords are considered to be more secure. Experts say a password combination of figures, upper case letters, lower case letters and special characters more than 15 in number is very difficult to crack. 

6. A 3 words password is 100 times safer and a 2 words password is 10 times safer than a 1 word password. 

7. Use of multi language characters in your password will add an extra security layer to it. 

8. If you store your password on your hard drive, store it in a way that only you can understand it in the need. 

9. Some banking websites provide symbols to be use for password setting. Always use these symbols in your passwords. 

10. Some antivirus software provide password safety feature, you can use these. 

11. Some websites provide online password storage facility. You can use them if you believe them. 

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Strong but easy to remember passwords 

You can easily create strong passwords which are easy to remember too. For example Im:)2B27-2tY Could prove to be a strong password and can be easily remembered as ”I am happy to be 25 this year”. ☹Ts7-5RnAa1T this is a strong password and can easily be remembered as “Sorry to say 2 are not allowed at 1 time”. You can set a number of easy to remember passwords the same way. 

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