Step-by-step guide to Backup your Android Smartphone

Step-by-step guide to Backup your Android Smartphone

The Smartphone are now an important part of our life. A lot of Smartphone market is booked by Smartphone running on Android Operating system. All of us not only use them but we fully depend on it. It works like our small, safe house, in which we save our very important personal data and memories. That data and memories are part of our life. In today’s busy life we don’t have time to save them somewhere else every day.

Backup your Android Smartphone

Imagine, unluckily One Day we found that our priceless smart phone unexpectedly crashes or stolen. Then we will not just be down the cost of a phone, but also a huge amount of important data and memories. Then we think that we have to be a Backup option for our phone. Here all of us need help. To get around that, we need to enable cloud backup for as many thing as possible.

Cloud is an option on Internet which provides us a limited GB of on line storage space free and on premium it is unlimited, where we can save our Contact, Pictures, videos and other Important-data etc. But not everything can be backed up that way, and that’s why it’s still important to take regular backups of our phone.

While some third-party apps like Titanium Backup and Helium Backup will let us take a full backup of our Android Smartphone, but they are not for everyone. So when we enable cloud backup options, than our Smartphone automatically upload our data and pictures on it.

 After the loss or crash of our Smartphone, when we Buy a new Smartphone or get our old phone repaired than we can log-in to our account on cloud. Than our Smartphone automatically restore our most of our data and so many other things. So we should create an account on cloud before crashes or stolen our Smartphone.

Most users don’t know about rooting their phones, or want to mess around with installing ADB drivers (Android Debug Bridge Driver). No worry, it may take a few more steps, but you’ll get there.


Here’s how to back up almost any Android Smartphone.

Backing up Android Smartphone to the Cloud 

·       Go to Setting > Accounts & sync.

·       Under ACCOUNTS, navigate to “Auto-sync data” and check mark it.

·       Now, tap on Google.

·       After that, tap on Gmail ID and sign in to your Gmail account.

·       Than you can turn on all the options.

·       And all your Google related information gets synced to the cloud.

·       That are your contacts, photos (uploaded to Google+), app data, calendar events, Chrome tabs, your Google fit data etc.

·       After that go Setting > Backup & Reset.

·       Check mark Back up my data box.

After that process app data and all of your phone’s setting including password of Wi-Fi will save to your Google account. And when you sign in on any other Android phone through that backup Gmail ID, than all of your data and preferences, photos (from Google+), contacts will be imported automatically. That data is synced regularly and you just have to log into another device with the same account to recover it. That setup doesn’t recover your text messages and some other type of data, you have to back them up yourself.

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Backup Android Smartphone’s media, messages and apps -

To backup your music, movies and other media, that are saved on your phone’s memory card. This process is very easy. Just connect your phone to your PC and copy everything that’s in your memory card. This is manual process so you will need to do in routine.

1) Backup Android Smartphone’s Media – To backup media like songs, pictures, videos, movies etc, we need to complete just some simple steps, that are –

  • Connect your phone to the computer through a preferred USB cable.
  • If you are using a Mac, than make sure that you have Android file transfer application. If you don’t have that application than first install it download it from android’s official website.
  • After connection open My Computer in Window and open Finder Mac.
  • Open your Memory card (SD card) and copy all the files that you want to save for buck up.
  • Once you copy that media files to your computer then, it’s work like buck up saved data, after that unplug your phone.

2) Backup Android Smartphone’s Text Message – All text message and call detail can be save to your Gmail account easily by some apps like SMS Backup+. For that you have complete some more steps, that are – 

  • First you have to download SMS Backup+ app from Google play store.
  • Once you download SMS Backup+ app and install it then open it.
  • It show all the contacts saved in your phone.
  • Tab on that contacts and select which you want to save on Gmail account.
  • After that pick your Gmail account from pop-up.
  • Now permit app to access your Google account.
  • To save all your text messages to your Gmail account, go back to the app ant tab to Back up option.
  • Now when you login to your Gmail account in browser then, you will see a new label SMS in left side of the window. Here you can see all your messages that you saved.
  • When you want to restore these messages in new phone than open SMS Backup+ app and just tab on Restore. Then permit pop-up.
  • If you want that the app automatically backup you all SMS, than set SMS Backup+ app as your default app when asked.



Backup Android Smartphone’s Apps

To Back up the apps install on your phone you have to login Google play store using the same Gmail account which you used to install your first app to your phone. Than play store automatically backup your all apps data which you install on your phone in future. When you login play store in new device through the same old Gmail account, you can download all pervious app and games with the same data. After download all apps start from the point where you stop last time. So don’t need to start them from the beginning. 

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