Tremendous Windows 10 Cortana-The great feature in windows 10

Tremendous Windows 10 Cortana-The great feature in windows 10,  Cortana a detailed study

Cortana is one of the Newest and very important feature by Microsoft, launched with Windows 10. Through cortana and many other applications like this, Microsoft has converted the Windows Desktop in a Windows Phone and made it very easy. Cortana is amazing and visible in Windows 10’s taskbar. Cortana have both text and voice features. You can do a lot of things with it when you give commands through type a question and voice command.

Tremendous Windows 10 Cortana-The great feature in windows 10

When you need to know any information about windows setting, search personals data, any search on internet etc. it can do a lot and try to care about you, like it help to remember an appointment and notify you on time. If you can’t use cortana in your country, than you can sign in through another country. Cortana does a lot of things that you can do with it and all These can’t be described, but some the incredible features are given bellow –

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Set Reminders for Time, Places and Peoples in windows 10 Cortana

Cortana has a built-in and very powerful feature to set reinders. We can do set these reminders to get notifications on specific time. It’s very easy, we have to use reminders icon or say “Remind Me” and it starts. We can create a reminder to remind something at a specific time. We can also set a reminder for a specific location or specific person, and it reminds that you have to go there and talk to him or her. We also set reminders for something at a specific time, buy something online, order something or make a payment. 

We can also set an event to Remind us in the calendar app. For example we have remember the a special event on a specific date then we can set a reminder in app on that date and set repeat option for every year. Now there is no chance of forgetting it, Cortana will remember it remind you that event always well in time.

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Use windows 10 Cortanaina a local Language to search

We can search anything from Cortana in our local language. Like we can ask cortana to “ find a word file edited in last week” or “ find a videos shooted last year” or “ find the folder Anurag’s pic from May”. So basically it’s work like a normal search pc, which can search on the internet also.

Windows 10 Cortana Identifies a song being played near us

Cortana also can identify a songs which is being play near us. When we command cortana “What is this song ?”, cortana starts listening song through microphone and match it to specific song. This works well with recorded music but sometime may not work well with live music. 



Search online for anything with windows 10 Cortana

Cortana is powered by “Bing”, The best MSN search engine and when we ask cortana something it doesn’t know how to answered, it launches Bing search for that in your default browser and open result. It always use your default web browser that may be Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. But it does not use our default search engine. It always use Bing search.

Perform Calculation and Conversions with windows 10 Cortana

Cortana can perform calculations and conversions also. We just need to type like “2739*142017” or “2200” usd in inr” and it will answer “174309.96”, “9037961.88” or “140008”. So we can use the calculation and conversions very easily through cortana.


Trace Flights and Packages with windows 10 Cortana

Cortana can trace any product or flights on net through their tracking number or flight number. We just need to type that number in cortana search box and it track them with the help of internet and we can know their status.

Find Facts windows 10 Cortana

Cortana also can answer common questions by using Bing search, which is similar to Google’s Knowledge. For example we can ask the question like “Date of birth of Chanakya” “Date of birth of Chandra Gupt Mourya” and it answer “371 BC” “340 BC”. So we can get immediate answer of our questions through it.


Check the Weather with windows 10 Cortana

We can check weather quickly in different locations with help of Cortana. We just need to type like “Weather in Jaipur” and it show full detail of current weather. 

Get Directions from windows 10 Cortana

Cortana also help us to get directions from one place to another place. It also help to get directions with the help of GPS. It also include Windows 10 Maps application.


Set Alarms in windows 10 Cortana

We also can set alarm with the help of it, on the other side of reminders. We have to ask cortana to “set alarm” and it will set alarm for us on required time in Alarm and clock app, we can save more then one alarms.

Launch Programs with he help of windows 10 Cortana

With the help of cortana we can launch any program directly. Say it “launch calculator” and it launch calculator directly. If we have enable voice system, than just need to say “Hey cortana, launch calculator” and it will automatically open the app. 


Send Email with windows 10 Cortana

Cortana have built-in mail app. Where we can configure any email account which we use to sand mails usually. We just have to say “send email” and it will start. If we have receiver in our contact, than we just have to say “send email to Bajrang Lal Choudhary” and it will do that.

Windows 10 Cortana help

To know in details about what you can do and to display a list of commands just ask Cortana for “help”. You can do many things with cortana, just ask it for “help” and it will open the list of many things to do. 

We will find many more things which we didn’t discuss here. Like Just chat, dictionary definitions, translations of words, play music and movies, play games, X-box etc. So basically it made Windows easy to use.

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