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Basics tips to save your computer from Cyber criminals

Basics tips to save your computer from Cyber criminals 

Computer security is a great concern now a day. Cyber criminals create havoc occasionally and the security agencies always fail to do anything. Governments are either apathetic or lacking will power. There are no strong laws do deal with the cyber criminals. New threats keep on coming all the way and the cyber criminal’s new ways of creating trouble to internet users. The users suffer data loss and financial loss. In this situation we have to try our best to keep out system safe our own. The following tips may prove very helpful –

Basics tips to save your computer from Cyber criminals

Block the pop ups in Windows

Always keep the pop ups blocked in your web Browser that used by you. Procedure for blocking Pop-ups in popular browsers is given below- 

How to block pop ups in Mozilla Firefox

Click menu button (Three lines in right hand corner)>click Options>Click contents> Check the box under Pop-Ups. You can add exceptions in need.

Watch this small video to learn the step by step process on how to secure Android mobile from hacking and data theft
How to block pop ups in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Click the gear icon in the right hand corner>click Internet Options>Select Privacy>Check the box Turn on Pop-Up blocker. Click setting to add sites to allow pop-ups.

How to block pop ups in Google Chrome

Click menu button (Three lines in right hand corner)>click Setting>Click Show Advance Setting>Under Privacy Head click Content setting>Scroll down to Pop-Ups and choose do not allow any to show pop-ups (recommended). Click manages exception to add sites to allow pop-ups.


Always keep Auto Run Disabled

USB Drivers are a great cause of infection transmission. If you keep the auto run disabled, you can scan the USB driver for infections before transferring data to your hard drive. If your auto run is enabled any infection may automatically come to your Hard Drive.

How to disable AutoPlay in Windows

To disable AutoPlay in windows 7, Click Start Button>Click Control Panel>click Hardware and Sound>Click AutoPlay. Uncheck the box Use AutoPlay for all media and devices and click the dropdown menu of all the 17 type of media devices and choose Ask me every time and click Save.


Always keep Microsoft windows automatic updates ON

Microsoft always keeps an eye on the threats and keeps on updating the Microsoft software and operating systems. They continuously send security updates therefore receiving and installing windows updates is necessary from the security point of view. Therefore always keep the windows automatic updates on.

To turn the windows automatic updates on Click Start Button>Click Control Panel>click system and security>Click windows update>Click change setting>Click the dropdown menu and choose Install Updates automatically under Important updates head. Check the box under recommended updates head and who can install updates.

Always use strong passwords and change passwords periodically

Strong passwords are very helpful for a better system 
password . For the safety of the password changing it at regular 
intervals is necessary.

Always install a reliable antivirus software on your system

Always install a reliable antivirus software and keep it up to date so that it can keep your system up to date. If you don’t want to pay for an antivirus software, a number of free antivirus software are available on the web. Free on line scan is also available.

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