Gmail Account-How to keep your inbox clean and delete unwanted mails

Gmail Account-How to keep your inbox clean and delete unwanted mails

Gmail is provided by Google and is world’s most preferred email. Gmail is very easy to use and provides a large number of features to make it more easy to use. Gmail provides 15 GB of space per account and this space is sufficient. We can send and receive attachments with our emails and each email attachment must be less than 25 MB of size. If we send and receive emails without any attachment, the 15 GB space is enough but the attachment occupy much more space. 

Gmail Account-Keep your inbox clean and delete unwanted mails

I have thousands of sent and received emails and others may have many times more than this but each email is sent or received with an attachment of 25 MB (The allowed limit) the 15 GB space will be exhausted in 614 emails. Therefore we must always keep on deleting unwanted emails to keep our inbox clean. Follow these steps to keep your inbox clean 

Make it a constant practice to delete emails

When you check your inbox, you can consider the emails whether these are required for further use, if not, You can delete useless emails immediately. Sometimes emails are not required for future use but the attachments are required for further use. In such case save the attachment on your Hard drive and after that you can delete the email. You can also save the attachment on Google Drive.

Don’t create unnecessary labels in Gmail

Gmail provides option to save you email in various categories, which are called “Labels”. Labels don’t occupy considerable space but if you create hundreds of labels they will certainly occupy a considerable space. Therefore, create labels wherever necessary. You can shorten your label list many ways. For example you use online banking services of many bank you can use a single label for banks because the banks rarely send emails to their clients. On the other hand payment processors like PayPal, Payza etc confirm even small transactions by email and in such case a separate label for each processor may be necessary.


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How to deal the Gmail spam box

Whenever we mark an email as ‘spam’ it disappears from our inbox but it still remains in your spam folder till it’s automatically deletion after 30 days. Further, Gmail will keep on receiving emails from that sender but instead of dropping it in your inbox, these mails will be dropped in spam folder and still occupy space in your Gmail account. However, after clicking “unsubscribe and report spam” no email will be received from this sender in future in your inbox. Even if you use “unsubscribe and report spam” than you have to use the second option for keeping on delete emails from your spam folder because new spammers send emails all the days.
Unsubscribe and report spam


Manually clean your Gmail Trash Folder

Whenever, we delete an email from the Gmail inbox, it is not deleted immediately but it goes to the trash folder, where it remains for 30 days like the mails remain in the spam folder. This action works as a safety measure. Sometimes we delete some emails erroneously and later we realize that the deleted email was important. An email once deleted is gone forever as the deletion is irreversible and we can’t get it back. To save the user from such situation the Gmail trash box is provided. We can recover emails from trash box up to 30 days from deletion. But such things happen rarely and we must remove emails from our trash box manually. Why a mail which is not useful should occupy space in our Gmail account.


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