Features, Keyboard combinations, and short cuts Microsoft word

Microsoft Word is considered to be the best program for creating, editing and printing documents. In addition to work with menu, it provides a number of key board short cuts which make it better and work faster. Experts say that if we use these short cuts we can work 20 per cent faster and more efficiently. Some of the short cuts to be used while working in Microsoft Office Word are given below which efficiently work in the older versions of Microsoft Office Word to get things done faster 

Microsoft Office Word features

Word has a powerful calculator capable of handling all your mathematical tasks by simply writing the Math expressions in your document, highlight it and press the Calculate button, you will get result in the status bar.  You ma need to add Calculate Command to your Quick Access Toolbar in the word options.

Microsoft Word’s Powerful Calculator

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Quick Text Selection in MS Word

There are three methods of quick text selection. (1) Tripple click anywhwre in the paragraph, the entire paragraph will be selected, Or (2) press the Ctrl Key and click any where in the sentence to select the entire sentence, (3)  Press ‘ALT’ key and select any vertical block of text.

MS Word ‘Spike’ or The Extended Clipboard

With the use of the “Spike” feature of MS word you can cut text or images from multiple locations at a time and paste them all with a single command at a different location. To use ‘spike’ select the desired text or image and press’CTRL+F3’ for as many text blocks or images as you want and use ‘CTRL+SHIFT+F3’ to paste the contents of the spike at the desired place.

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Quick Change case in Microsoft word

This feature is very useful while typing in Microsoft word and you erroneously left your ‘Caps Lock’ in a wrong position. Just select your text and press and hold ‘Shift’ and press ‘F3’ and correct your text.

Move Around Faster in Microsoft word

This feature prove to be very helpful while we are working on large documents. Suppose you are working on a large document and recently edited it at 7 places but you have forgotten that where did you edit it. Don’t worry press ‘Shift+F5’ it will take you to the paragraph or location you last edited. Keep on repeating the command ‘Shift=F5’ you will be taken one by one to the paragraphs or locations where you recently performed editing. The shortcut Shift+F5 will also take you to the location where you were working on when the document was last open.


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Start Writing wherever you want on the Page in MS word Document

If you are working on the top of the page and now you want to write something at the bottom of it, you need not to press repeated ‘Enter’ to go there. Just ‘Double click’ there and start writing.


Remove the formatting of a web snippet in MS Word

This feature is very useful when you copy some text from a web page and paste it into a word document. The snippet comes with all its formatting and styles but you can easily remove the formatting and styles. Just select the snippet, press and hold the ‘Control’ key and press ‘Space Bar’. The text of the snippet will be converted in to a plain text. 


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Text Moving without Cut and Paste in MS Word

While working in Microsoft office word, sometimes we need to move text to another location. For this purpose we use ‘Cut or Ctrl+X’ and ‘Paste or ‘Ctrl+V’. Word provides an easy and fast alternative for it. Just select the text to be moved, then press ‘F2’. Now take the cursor where you want to move the text and simply press enter, your selected text will come there.

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