How to Automatically clear private data, browsing history, cookies of browser

Web browsing history, cookies, search history, your downloads, and many more thing considered as your private data are normally save by all web browsers unless you have a particular setting in your web browser or you are using private browsing. However you can delete it whenever you like. You also have an option in many browsers to delete it automatically when you close it. Please note that, if you use this browser option(automatically clearing cookies when you close it), you will have to login again and again into the websites you use, each time you open your browser. Clearing the browser cache again and again may also cause websites to load websites slowly each time you restart your browser 

Automatically clear private data

How to clear Private data in Mozilla Firefox

It is very easy to clear all your private data in Firefox at the time of closing it. There is an option available in the browser Firefox without any additional addon.

Click on opening menu(The three small lines in the top right hand corner) to open the Firefox menu and then click on  “Options”.

Now click “Privacy” in the left hand side.

Under History, see “Firefox will” followed by a drop-down list.

Select  “Use custom settings for history” from the drop down.

Next, check the small box saying “Clear history when Firefox closes” .

You can also choose what you want your browser Firefox to clear each time you exit.

For this click “Settings” and Check the boxes of your choice and click “OK”.

Firefox  also allows You to clear your browsing history manually whenever you want.


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How to clear Private data in Google Chrome

Clearing all your private data in Google Chrome is a little different from Mozillla Firefox and it doesn’t include the option to automatically clear private data at the time of closing the session. But an option to automatically clear cookies on exit is included in Chrome. You can also use an extension available in chrome to clear everything automatically.

Open the Chrome menu the three small dots at the top right hand corner.

Select “Settings”.

Go to bottom of the Settings page and  click  “Show advanced settings”.

Click the “Content settings” button under “Privacy”.

Select “Keep local data only until I quit my browser” Under Cookies head, and click “OK”.

Henceforth, whenever you close Google Chrome, your cookies will be clear automatically.

To clear your entire private data including cookies each time you close Chrome for this you need to install the chrome extension “Clock&Clean” from the Chrome Web Store   After installing you will need to set it as follows.

On your browser toolbar Click the “Click&Clean” button and click “Options”. Next Check “Delete private data when Chrome closes” box under Extra. Here you have option to control the types of data to be deleted automatically

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How to clear Private data in Internet Explorer

An option to clear its private data when you close the browser Internet Explorer is in built. To use the option

Click the gear icon and select “Internet options”.

Check the “Delete browsing history on exit” box On the General tab. Please click “Delete”. To select the data you want to clear when you close your browser Internet Explorer,

You may want to uncheck “Preserve Favorites website data” or Internet Explorer will keep cookies and cache files for websites you have saved as favorites.

Click “Delete” when you are done. Internet Explorer will immediately clear your private data and then clear it each time you close the browser.

You are returned to the Internet Options dialog box so click “OK” to close it.

You also have the option to manually clear your browsing history in Internet Explorer whenever you so wish.

How to clear Private data in Opera

There is no option provided to automatically delete all your personal data at the time it closes in the browser Opera. However, you can automatically clear cookies and prevent Opera from saving your browsing history. The procedure to clear cookies in Opera is-

Go to the Opera Menu in top left corner

 Click “Settings”

Under Cookies, select the option “Keep local data only until I quit my browser”.

Now it will automatically clear your cookies when you close Opera.

If you want to delete other browsing data too manually in Opera, select “Privacy & security” option under settings. In the Privacy section, click the “Clear browsing data” button. Select what you want to clear and the time frame for which you want to delete the browsing data.

How to clear Private data in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the newest version of Microsoft browser and it is provided with Windows 10. If you are running Windows 10 build 14267 or higher your browsing history in Microsoft Edge can also be cleared automatically whenever you exit the browser. .

Click the “More” button(Three small dots) in the top-right corner of the browser.

Select “Settings”.

Click “Choose what to clear” under Clear browsing data.

Select the boxes for the items you want to be cleared when you exit Edge. Then, click the slider button so it turns blue under “Always clear this when I close the browser”.

To manually clear the selected data, simply click the  “Clear” button.

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