Dangerous fake Antivirus Security Pro-Symptoms, actions and removal method

Antivirus Security Pro-Symptoms, actions and removal method

At first instance while you read “Antivirus Security Pro” you may thinks that it is a high quality Antivirus software but it’s reality is different from its name. Please don’t get fooled by the name of the program. In fact it is a cheating software and belongs to the WinWebSec family and developed by cyber criminals and used to trick users for transferring money to the cyber criminals. It displays fake alerts and restricts user access to a number of program. The cyber criminals will try their best to instigate you to purchase this fake software creating a situation to convince you that the ‘Antivirus Security Pro’ is the only solution. Following any instruction from this malicious application will harm you severely.

Dangerous Malware Antivirus Security Pro-Symptoms, actions and removal method

How this rogue Antivirus Security Pro comes to my PC

Users get this Rogue installed in the similar way as most of other malware get installed. This Rogue may come to your computer via any of the following way –

1. Bundled with a free software package.

2. May be downloaded by another malware present in your system.

3.May be Installed by exploiting vulnerabilities in particular software.

4.Social engineering i.e. convincing user to download and install the rogue by pretending to be something useful or beneficial, may have been used.

5.Most of the cases of the rogues are reported from US and European countries. This indicates that they target the user fluent in English and from where transfer of money is comparatively easy.

6.Mostly the attackers  use web pages to distribute exploits.

7.The exploits can also arrive in an email or an attachment to an email. 

8.Unknowingly or unwillingly Some legitimate websites might also host malcode and exploits in their ads.

Pattern of Alerts Issued by Antivirus Security Pro

Your  PC may be absolutely clean this reality is meaningless but The alerts will come from Task bar. Antivirus Security Pro displays alerts some thing like displayed below –

(1)  “Warning! Suspicious activity detected.” To keep the computer safe, the threat must be blocked.”

(2)    “Warning! Infected file detected. We strongly recommend activating full edition of our antivirus software for repairing threats.”

(3)     “Warning! Infected file detected.

We strongly recommend activating full edition of your antivirus software for repairing threats.”

(4)     “Warning! Infected file detected

Location: File SystemSuspicious activity detected in the application notepad.exe to the behavior of the virus Win32/Conficker.X. For your security and to avoid loss of data, the operation of application cmd.exe has been temporarily restricted.”

(5)     “Warning! Network attack attempt detected.

To keep the computer safe, the threat must be blocked.”

Please be sure that all such alerts are unreal and always to be avoided.

What Antivirus Security Pro does in your computer

1.     Antivirus Security Pro displays bogus and unrealistic alerts.

2.     The developers of Antivirus Security Pro want you to purchase the full version of the program, the cost may vary from 59.99$ to 99.99$ depending on how long you want your license to last.

3.     Antivirus Security Pro will restrict your access to a number of files and folders in your system.

4.     This threat can also stop your security software from running.

5.     Antivirus Security Pro  will change your security settings,

6.     Antivirus Security Pro stop you from going to certain websites.

7.     Antivirus Security Pro is a member of the ‘Win32/Winwebsec’ family threate.

8.     Antivirus Security Pro might stop Registry Editor from running.

9.     This threat might make long lasting changes to your PC's settings and your Computer may not run even after removing it.

How to enable registry if disabled by Antivirus Security Pro

1.     If your registry is disabled, please follow these steps -

2.     Click Start

3.     Click Run and type ‘cmd’ to run the command prompt.

4.     In the command prompt, type

“reg.exe add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableRegistryTools /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f”

5.     Click ‘Enter’.

6.     Type exit and press Enter.

How to Remove Antivirus Security Pro from your PC


While prompted, you can use this activation key ‘AA39754E-715219CE’ but this is not a solution. This will stop the warning messages only and the virus is still there in your PC. The only permanent solution is to download an up to date and reliable antivirus software and perform a full system scan. This will remove the rogue as well as other malware if any from your PC. 

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