Detailed study of Backdoor.Trojan-How it works, Details, Severability, Removal

The Backdoor.Trojan-How it works, Details, Severability, Removal

The infection backdoor.trojan was first detected by symentec and named backdoor.trojan because it opens backdoor on the user’s computer system. The backdoor enables the remote attacker to take full control of the users system through a covert channel. This Trojan has various type of sophisticated versions. Some allow a limited access to the infected computer system but more sophisticated versions allow full access to the remote attacker as if he is operating the infected system sitting on its key board. A Trojan and Trojan backdoor are two different infections. The Trojan only infects the computer but the backdoor Trojan opens a back door in addition.

Backdoor Trojan

Systems Affected by backdoor.trojan

Almost all the editions of Microsoft windows like Windows-95,  Windows-98,  Windows-NT, Windows-ME, Window-200, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows-XP, Windows-vistha, Windows-7/8.

Brief details of backdoor.trojan

1.     History – Detected by sementec on February 11, 1999

2.     Category – Trojan

3.     Infection Name – ‘Backdoor’ it was named by symentec.

4.     Severability – Varies, Moderate to Severe.

5.     Other name -  RAT(Remote Access Trojan)

6.     Total Infections – about 49-50

7.     Distribution – Low

8.     Payload – Opens backdoor

9.     Known websites – more than 2

10.  Containment – Easy

11.  Wildness – Low

12.  Removal – Easy

13.  Damage - Low

What can Backdoor.Trojan can do to affected computer

1.     It Can Create severe  financial harm to the victim by stealing all online/Offline passwords, Credit/Debit Card Numbers, Bank Account details to perform financial frauds.

2.     It Can steal your Addresses, Phone numbers, Email ID/Passwords, your identity and all type of information stored on your computer.

3.     Your computer and internet connection may be used for spamming others. At present most of the spam are generated from such computers.

4.     The criminal can view/download your documents, photos and videos.       

5.     The criminal can prepare log of your activities/habits.

6.     Your computer may be used as ‘zombie’, ‘bot’ or ‘botnet’ for launching DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

7.     It can disable antivirus/security system, modify your system setting, delete files and create a havoc.

8.     It may shutdown or restart your computer.

9.     It may run processes and tasks.

10.  It may open remote command line cells.

11.  It may download additional files of any type on your PC.

12.  It may report on status.

13.  Criminals may use your computer to generate  revenue through various ways like Pay Per Install, sending spam emails and harvesting identities and personal information.

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What to do if your computer is infected with Backdoor.Trojan

1.   As your system may be used by a criminal for remote access therefore disconnect it from the internet.

2.   Immediately change your banking and other passwords including the payment processors like PayPal, Payza etc. because you may have done any financial transaction during the infection and the criminals may have acquired your banking passwords.

3.   You must use another clean computer for changing bank passwords and never use the infected computer for this purpose.

4.   Immediately inform your banking institutions about the fact that your computer has been compromised.

5.   Carefully monitor your credit card and bank accounts statement and if you notice anything suspicious, act fast.


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Characterstics of Common Backdoor Trojans.

The ‘bots’(Automated scripts and other infected computers) are used to install as well as control the infected computers and not a live human controls them, in case of almost all the common backdoor thrjans. A live human hacker actually takes control of a system in rare cases. These bots or scripts act according a predefined technique using a known malcode. Therefore it is not very difficult to remove it if a user is experienced with adequate knowledge. A few unlucky users may suffer a great loss or damage.

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How to remove Backdoor Trojans

1.   Install a reliable antivirus software duly updated.

2.   Disconnect your computer from the internet.

3.   Switch off  and unplug all devices related to internet.

4.   Shutdown your computer system.

5.   Reboot your computer.

6.   Run a full system scan. You may run this scan twice for confirmation.

7.   The antivirus software will remove the malcode.

8.   Restoring the system to an earlier date may also help to remove the backdoor.trojan.

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