Trojan Backdoor.Bot- Actions, Safety measures and Removal of Trojan Backdoor.Bot

The Highly Dangerous Trojan Backdoor.Bot- Actions, Safety measures and Removal

The highly dangerous malware ‘Backdoor.Bot’ is developed by the cyber criminals for the purpose of stealing your personal information, specially the sensitive financial data like your bank account numbers, your bank passwords and credit/debit card numbers and related PIN(Personal Identification Number). The ‘Backdoor.Bot’ is a member Backdoor.Trojan family and its severeability is categorized as severe. It enters your computer without your permission and information. Once entered your system it launches automatically at each boot and keeps on updating itself automatically. The dangerous Trojan Backdoor.Bot has a number of variants.

The Highly Dangerous Trojan Backdoor.Bor- Actions, Safety measures and Removal

What Trojan Backdoor.Bot does in an infected computer

1. The Trojan Backdoor.Bot is a hacker agent.

2. It modifies registry and launches automatically on each startup.

3. It constantly remains in contact with the Control Server.

4. It follows the instructions of the criminals.

5. It automatically prepares a log of your keystrokes and submits the file to the criminals at specified intervals.

6. Transmits your bank accounts and credit/debit cards data and passwords to the culprits.

7. It prepares the screenshots of your desktop, folders and other pages and then transmits these to the control server.

8. It updates itself automatically.

9. It will install other malware in your system.

10. It may hack your system and allows a remote user to take full control of your computer.

11. It can spoil your important data.

12. It executes the commands received from a remote user.

13. Your files and folders may be untraceable because ‘Backdoor.Bot’ hides them.

14. It is capable of launching DDoS attacks.


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Precautions against Trojan

The world’s famous browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer have some inbuilt safety measures which may prove very helpful if used froperly. Please use these measures as mentioned below -

Activate SmartScreen filter in internet explorer

· Click the Gear icon or Press ‘Alt+X.

· Hover over ‘Safety’.

· Click turn on SmartScreen filter.

· Choose turn on option.

· Restart internet explorer.

Enable Phishing and Malware protection in Google Chrome

· Click Start button(The three small parallel lines in the right hand corner).

· Click setting.

· Go to bottom of the page and click Show Advanced Settings.

· Scroll down and under the privacy head find ’Enable Phishing and Malware protection’.

· Check the box in the left side of it.

· Restart Google Chrome.

Set the Security options of Mozilla Firefox

· Click Start button(The three small parallel lines in the right hand corner)

· Click Options

· Click Security

· Check the box in the left of “Warn me when sites try to install Add-ons”

· Check the box in the left of “Block reported attack sites”

· Check the box in the left of “Block reported web forgeries”


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How to remove from Windows XP and windows7

· Start your Windows XP,Win 7 in safe mode with networking

· Click ‘Srat’.

· Click ‘Run’.

· Write ‘msconfig’, Click OK

· Choose disable all on the start tab and click OK

· Restart your computer

· Install a reliablr antivirus duly updated

How to from Windows 8

· Press”Win+R’

· Write‘msconfig’, Click OK

· Go to boot tab

· Check Safe boot and network boxes and click OK.

· Restart your system

· Install a reliablr antivirus duly updated.

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