Types of blogger Gadgets, How to lock Unlock or delete Locked Blogger Gadget

How to Unlock a Locked Blogger Blog Gadget How to Delete a locked Gadget

Blogger is a free to use platform and it is easiest to use where you without high skills in coding and web designing. It provides us with a lot of easiy to use gadgets. We can use our custom domains and templates other than the blogger’s default templates. All the blogger’s default templates are fully compatible with blogger’s gadgets and other settings but some times while we use a third party template i.e. a template other than the blogger’s default template we may face minor problems. 

Unlock a Locked Blogger Blog Gadget

One of such problems is that we find some of the gadgets locked. Such gadgets may neither work nor we can edit or remove them. To combat this we need to make minor changes in our blogger template 

How to know that a blogger Blog Gadget is locked

When you go to your blogger dash board and see the gadgets in the ‘Lay Out’, there is a thick black border in the left side of the gadgets but the black thick border may be missing in some of the gadgets. Where the border is present, that means the gadget is not locked and if the left side is blank and no border is there, the gadget is locked.

Identify a locked and Unlocked Gadget
Identify a locked and Unlocked Gadget


BloggerCSS-add drop Caps first letter big capital different color to post comments


Why a locked blogger Blog Gadget can not be removed

While we try to edit blogger gadgets, there appear three options namely ‘Save’, ‘Cancel’ and ‘Remove’. But if a gadget is locked only‘Save’ and ‘Cancel’ options appear and the ‘Remove’ option does not appear, therefore we can not remove it. Therefore, to remove a locked gadget, we have to unlock it first.



How to unlock a Locked blogger Blog gadget

To unlock a locked blogger Gadget we need to make a very small, only one word change in our blog’s template document. For example we want to remove ‘Attribution’ gadget but it is locked. To unlock this gadget follow the procedure mentioned below –


1.     Login to your blogger dash board.

2.     Klick ‘Template’.

3.     Click ‘Edit HTML’, the HTML document will open.

4.     Click ‘Ctrl+F’ to open ‘Search Box’.

5.     Write ‘locked=’true’ in the search box and press enter. Now the words will be highlighted. Go to next word by clicking again, You may need to press enter many times because you have to find

 ·  Now replace the word ‘true’ with the word ‘false’

<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' title=''

·  Safely save your template.

Now your ‘Attribution’ gadget will be unlocked and while you edit it the ‘Remove’ option will appear. Now you can easily remove the gadget. You can unlock other gadgets the same way.

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