Troubleshooting Mozilla Firefox-Common Troubles in Firefox and their Solutions

Mozilla Firefox-Common Troubles in Firefox and their Solutions

Firefox is used by the largest number of users. My favorite  browser is also Firefox, though I use other browsers also. Sometimes Firefox may start causing troubles like working slow, high CPU usage, error messages, frequent crashes and many more. There are many causes of these troubles. The trouble may be with Firefox plugins, Themes if you are using a theme other than a Firefox default theme, Extensions, Firefox settings or if you are using an out dated version of Firefox. Common troubles experienced by the Firefox users are described below with their possible solutions 

Mozilla Firefox-Common Troubles in Firefox and their Solutions

Update your Firefox to the latest version to remove troubles with Firefox

Check the version of your Firefox and if it is an old version, please update it to the latest version. Updating to the latest version may remove many troubles in your Firefox.

Check and locate the trouble by starting Firefox in safe mode

Starting the browser Firefox in safe mode may help you finding the trouble. In safe mode, Firefox starts in default theme, without any extension and hardware acceleration turned off. To start Firefox in safe mode Simply click on the menu>Click on the ‘?’ sign(Question Mark Sign) in the bottom line and click “Restart with add-ons disabled”, the Firefox will start in safe mode.

If the problem is still present in safe mode too, the cause may be with Firefox plugins or Firefox settings.

If you don’t find a problem in safe mode, the most likely cause may be extensions, theme or the hardware acceleration


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Refreshing Firefox Solves a number of Troubles with Firefox

 If your Firefox is creating troubles this simple solution must be done first of all which may solve a number of problems, therefore try this first of all. Simply click on the menu>Click on the ‘?’ sign(Question Mark Sign) in the bottom line to open Firefox help>Click ‘Troubleshooting Information’>Click ‘Refresh Firefox’ and follow  instructions.

Turn off Hardware acceleration to remove troubles with Firefox

Some times graphic driver setup or graphic cards cause troubles in Firefox and even cause Firefox crash. Hardware acceleration may cause trouble showing objects or text on pages. This problem may be removed by turning hardware acceleration off. Click ‘Menu’>Options>Advanced>General>Uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available.>Click ‘OK’ and restart Firefox.

Run Firefox with all extensions disabled to remove troubles with Firefox

It is possible that some of Firefox extensions you are using are causing troubles. You can try running your browser disabling all the extensions. To disable the extensions click ‘menu’>Add-ons>Select ‘Extensions’>Click ‘Disable’. Disable all extensions this way one by one and restart Firefox.

If the problem is still there, it means there is no trouble with your extensions and try to find the problem somewhere else and you can enable all your extensions.

If the problem has been removed, it is certainly with your extensions and one or more of your extensions are malfunctioning or not performing properly. To find which extensions are causing troubles follow the following procedure.

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Finding Faulty Firefox extensions to remove troubles with Firefox

First of all disable all the extensions following the process mentioned in the above paragraph. Now enable one extension. Click ‘Menu’>Add-ons>Select ‘Extensions’>Click ‘Enable’ on one extension and restart Firefox and run it as usual. If you don’t find any problem, that means this extension is ‘OK’. Repeat the process for rest of the extensions one by one. If during the  process you find that one of the extensions is causing trouble, it means this extension is causing trouble and disable it before proceeding to the next extension. This way find all the extensions causing trouble and remove them. You can reinstall them if you need them.

Note – Please never forget to check proper Setting of the extensions and available updates if any.

Switch to Firefox Default theme to remove troubles with Firefox

If a user is using a third party theme(A theme other than the Firefox default theme), it may also cause troubles. Such troubles will be removed if you use the Firefox default theme. To switch to Firefox default theme, Click ‘Menu’>Add-ons>Appearance>Select Default theme and Enable. Restart Firefox.

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