How to set a username and master Password in Mozilla Firefox

How to set a username and master Password in Mozilla Firefox- We save various passwords in our browser. This saves our time and let us free from remembering many passwords. This practice is fine if your computer is not shared by anyone, but if your computer is shared by others, this may be harmful because everybody using your computer can see your saved passwords. Firefox provides a protection to keep your saved passwords safe, that is the “Username” “Masterpassword”. The masterpassword word works without effecting any thing else and very easy to set, edit, remove or retrieve in case you forget it.
set a username and master Password in Mozilla Firefox

How to define a Master Password in Mozilla Firefox

To set a master password –


1.     Click ‘Menu’

2.     Select ‘Options’(The Gear Icon)

3.     Click ‘Security’ panel (On the Top)

4.     Check the box “Use a master Password”(The Change Master Password dialog will appear.)
Mozilla Master Password Setting Dialogue Box

5.     Enter A password(To create a high standard password, use a combination of  letters in upper case and lower case, Figures, special characters, Symbols. The line of password quality meter must go to the end. Please ensure that your password must be easy to remember for you but difficult to guess by others.)
Mozilla Master Password Confirmation Dialogue box

6.     Enter your password again to confirm.

7.     Check the password quality meter has gone to the end

8.     Click ‘OK’(A dialogue box will appear}

9.     Click ‘OK’ in the dialogue box.

10.  You are done.

How to remove the master Password in Mozilla Firefox

If you don't want to retain a master password, you can remove it whenever you like but please remember that without a master password, someone with access to your computer can easily view your passwords saved in Firefox. Even then you want to remove your master password -

1.     Click on menu

2.     choose Options.

3.     Click  Security panel.

4.     Uncheck mark ‘Use a master password’.(The Remove Master Password dialog will open. )

5.     Enter the current password to confirm that you are authorized to remove it.

6.     Click Remove.(A new dialogue box will open)

7.     Click OK in the new dialog box.

8.      Click OK. (Your Master Password will be removed)


How to remove the master Password in Mozilla Firefox

If you want to change your master password you can also change it whenever you like. To change your master password -

1.     Click the menu

2.     Choose Options.

3.     Click the Security panel.

4.     Click Change Master Password.

5.     To confirm if you are authorized to change or not, enter your current master password.

6.     Enter the new master password twice.(If you Leave both the password fields empty it will removes your master password.)

7.     To accept the changed master password, click OK.

8.     Click OK to close the Options window. 

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