Format and Syntax of HTML Tags and Important points about HTML Tags

Format and Syntax of HTML Tags and Important points about HTML Tags-HTML file are created in American Standard Code for Information Interchange displayed by the browsers in the form you specify. HTML tags play an important role in an HTML document. HTML tags work as controllers of various elements in the HTML. They are like various blocks of a building. IN an HTML document a different content is described by each tag. These are keywords surrounded by angular brackets and may be in either case, the upper case or the lower case. HTML is not case sensitive and any thing written in capital or small letters has the same effect.


Format and Syntax of HTML Tags and Important points about HTML Tags

Basic Syntax of an HTML tag is like this

HTML tags are in fact key words surrounded by angular brackets(The  greater than signs and the less than signs). The starting tag is also called the opening tag and the end tag is also called the closing tag. The ending tag contains a slash between the opening angular bracket and the tag name.

<name of Tag> attribute(Text that effected)</name of tag>


Important Things to be known about HTML Tags

1.      The entire HTML is case insensitive therefore, <TAG>, <Tag> or <tag> will give the same result in an HTML document.

2.      If some tags in an HTML document are written in upper case and others in the lower case, the only purpose of the writer  in this case may be to highlight them or to differentiate them from other tags and nothing else.

3.      An HTML Tag is always placed between an angular bracket(The less than sign ‘<’ and the greater than Sign “>”), like this “<Name of the Tag>”.

4.      There must be no space between the letters and signs of the entire tag. (i) <TAG> this is correct but (ii) <TA G> and <TAG > both are wrong because these contain space.

5.      All HTML tags, except few require a closing HTML tag.

6.      The closing tag contains a slash(‘/’) just after the first angular bracket, rest every thing is same in opening tags and closing tags(See example -Opening Tag <tag>, Closing Tag </tag>)

7.      The tags requiring a closing tags always contain something like a text or other thing between them, therefore they are called the container tags.

8.      The HTML tags that not need to be closed are called the ‘Empty tag’

9.      Tags have default value for the attributes and  we have to modify them to set a new value. For example the tag <hr> uses its full value (or 100 per cent) and draws a black rule through the entire page but we can change it to the halfway in blue by modifying. (See example - <hr width = “50%” color “blue”>

10.  Tags may have more than one or many attributes and the attribute will have only one value.

11.  If we use an attribute not known by the browser or a wrong attribute, the browser will ignore it without displaying any type of message or an error. For example <ta g> is written incorrectly and <pencil> has no meaning in html. Both these tags will be ignored without any message.

12.  There are some tags which can be recognized by some particular browser and not recognized by other browsers. Such tags are known as ‘browser specific tags’ and will work on that particular browser only. All other browsers not recognizing such tags will ignore these tags without displaying any type of message or an error,

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