What is CleanMaster- cleaning app, Phone Booster & Antivirus for Android and how to use it

Clean Master- Phone Booster & Antivirus for Android Phone- Clean Master (Cleaner) is a complete cleaning application that will keep your Android device always perfect, It has been included a number of optimization options that will clean the cache, delete the cache, or clean the history of your Android hand set. The frature murderer of tasks will kill any unnecessary process running in the background that is slowing down your device.

Clean Master

The empty file collector feature, which will clean up all the extra space that uninstalled applications are occupying. There are tools to delete browsing history or call history and manage the applications that you have installed in the memory of the device. It will free more space and make all processes faster.


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Clean master controls the temperature of Android hand set

It automatically finds and stops the applications responsible for temperature rise or over heat the device thus keeps your device cool.

Clean master’s Antivirus is fastest and accurate

Scan the system’s, pre-installed and user-installed apps to keep your device safe from viruses, trojans, vulnerabilities, adware and spyware. Keep your privacy safe by scrubbing Clean Master’s AV has been Ranked 1(First) seven times by AV-TEST(A professional quality antivirus service) and it is about 5 times faster than similar software. It scans the entire device in 8 seconds and it is very simple to use.

Junk File Cleaning Memory Boost By Clean Master

Clean Master clears the cache and delete residual files to reclaim storage, boost speed and improve the performance of your device and SD card. Boost your games and apps, free up memory (RAM), speed up your device and save more battery. It’s 1(One) Tap Boost and Game Boost features make it easy to optimize directly from your home screen.

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Clean Master Boosts Up The CPU

Clean Master constantly watch and keep on calculating how much CPU is being used by apps on your device, it Stops apps from wasting battery, slowing down your device and overheating.

Clean Master App Manager 

Clean Master- Phone Booster & Antivirus automatically uninstalls unwanted apps, bloatware and back up important ones. Clean Master own Picks section lets you find useful apps that match your interests.

Clean Master for Android supports the following languages

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Malay

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