First in India-First Indians to reach the glorious posts

First in India-First Indians to reach the glorious posts- They are the distinguished personalities, they achieved the glory of being first in their field. A list of the eminent personalities who reached glorious position first of all. The glory goes to the following indian nationals and institutions -
First in India


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First President of India

Dr Rajendra Prasad

A lawyer turned to a politician and joined the Indian National Congress during the independence movement Dr. Rajendra Prasad the first president of India was born in a small village jeeradei in Bihar. He took active part in Mahtma Gandhi’s non-cooperation movement and launched the salt satyagraha in Bihar. He was President of the Constituent Assembly and was awarded the Bharat Ratna, in 1962.

First Prime Minister of India

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Son of Pandit Moti Lal Neharu, a Kashmiri Pandit and a prominent lawer of his time, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was a leading personality in Indian politics. An active perticipant of the Indian independence movement and India’s prime minister from 1947 until his death in 1964.

First Woman Prime Minister

Mrs. Indira Gandhi

Daughter of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Indira Gandhi was the third Prime Minister of India. She was prim minister from 1966 to 1977 and from 1980 until her assassination in 1984.

First Woman Chief Minister

Mrs.Sucheta Kriplani

An active participant of the Indian independence movement and a prominent freedom fighter and politician,  Sucheta Kriplani became the first woman to be elected Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. She also worked with Mahatma Gandhi during the Partition riots.

First Lok Sabha Speaker

G V Mavalankar

Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar was born on 27 November 1888 and expired on 27 February 1956 popularly known as Dadasaheb was a freedom fighter the President Central Legislative Assembly,  from 1946 to 1947 then Speaker of the Constituent Assembly of India, and later the first Speaker of the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Parliament of India.

First Woman Lok Sabha Speaker

Mrs. Meera Kumar

Daughter of Shri Jagjeevan Ram, a lawyer an IFS and former diplomat. Mrs. Meera Kumar has been elected five time for the lok sabha. She was elected unopposed first woman Speaker of Lok Sabha in 2009 and enjoied the office till 2014.

First Indian Governor General of India

Chakravarti Rajgopalachari

A prominent lawyer, independence activist, politician, writer and statesman. Informally called C.R., Mr. Chakravarti Rajagopalachari was born on 10 December 1878 in the village Thorapalli in the Salem district of the Madras Presidency (At present the Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu). He was one of the first recipients of India's highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna. He vehemently opposed the use of nuclear weapons and was a proponent of world peace and disarmament. He also served as Governor of West Bengal, Minister for Home Affairs of the Indian Union and Chief Minister of Madras state.

First Woman to climb Mount Everest

Bachendri Pal

Bachendri Pal is an Indian mountaineer, who in 1984 became the first Indian woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest. She got her first taste of mountaineering thrill at the age of 12, when she, along with her friends, scaled a 13,123 ft high peak during a school picnic. During her college, she got employment as an instructor at the National Adventure Foundation, which had set up an adventure school for training women to learn mountaineering. After summiting a number of smaller peaks, she was selected to join India's first mixed-gender team to attempt an expedition to Mount Everest in 1984

First Woman Governor of a province

Sarojini Naidu

Sarojini Naidu, born as Sarojini Chattopadhyay also known by the sobriquet as The Nightingale of India, was a child prodigy, Indian independence activist and poet. Naidu served as the first governor of the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh from 1947 to 1949; the first woman to become the governor of an Indian state. She was the second woman to become the president of the Indian National Congress in 1925 and the first Indian woman to do so.

First Indian woman in space

Kalpana Chawla

Kalpana Chawla, the first Indian woman in space was born in Karnal, Haryana. She was the first Indian-American astronaut and first Indian woman in space. She first flew on Space Shuttle Columbia in 1997 as a mission specialist and primary robotic arm operator. In 2003, Chawla was one of the seven crew members killed in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster.

First Chief of Air Staff

Subroto Mukerjee

Air Marshal Subroto Mukherjee, OBE(Order of the british Empire) born on 5 March 1911 in Calcutta(Now Kolkata) educated in India as well as England joined the Royal Air Force and later was one of the first recruits of the Indian Air Force. He was the first Chief of the Air Staff of the Indian Air Force (IAF). He had an illustrious career and had been awarded with many honours until his accidental death on 8 November 1960. He has been called the "Father of the Indian Air Force".

First Indian Chief of Naval Staff

Ram Dass Katari

Born in Chingalput in Madras Presidency on October 8, 1911 Ram Dass Katari was an Indian Navy Vice Admiral who served as the 3rd Chief of the Naval Staff from 22 April 1958 to 4 June 1962. He was the first Indian to hold the office and succeeded the last British officer to the post, Vice Admiral Sir Stephen Hope Carlill. He led the Indian Navy in the conflict during the liberation of Goa against the Portuguese Navy.

First Commander-in-Chief of India

Field Marshal Kodendera Madhappa Karyappa

Born on 28 January 1899  at Shanivarsante in Kodagu(Coorg) in the erstwhile State of Coorg Field Marshal Kodandera Madappa Cariappa  OBE was the first Indian Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army and led the Indian forces on the Western Front during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1947.

First Airport in India

Juhu Aerodrome Mumbai

Juhu Aerodrome in Mumbai was founded in 1928 as India's first civil aviation airport. It served as the city's primary airport during and up to World War II. In 1932, JRD Tata landed at the Juhu aerodrome, inaugurating India's first scheduled commercial mail service.

First Passenger train

Bori Bunder to Thane
On 16 April 1853, the first passenger train service started to run between Bori Bunder in Mumbai and Thane, covering a distance of 34 kilometres.
First Param Veer Chakra

Major Somnath Sharma

Born on 31 January 1923, at Dadh, district Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, Major Som Nath Sharma, PVC was the first India to receive of the the highest Indian gallantry award the Param Vir Chakra,. He was awarded the medal posthumously for his bravery in the Kashmir operations in November 1947. He sacrificed his life at the age of 24 only while evicting Pakistani infiltrators and raiders from Srinagar Airport during the Indo-Pak war of 1947-48 in Kashmir. He belonged to the 4th Kumaon Regiment.

First Chief Justice of India

H J Kanita

Hiralal Jekisundas Kania was born to a middle-class family at Surat3 November 1890 was the first Chief Justice of India. his father Jekisundas was a Sanskrit professor and later principal of Samaldas College in the princely state of Bhavnagar. He was Graduated from Samaldas College in 1910, followed by an LLB from Government Law College, Bombay in 1912 and an LLM from the same institution in 1913. He was the first Chief Justice of India, dying in office on6 November 1951.

First Indian To Qualify Indian Civil Service

Satyendra Nath Tagore
An author, song composer, linguist and a great contributor towards the emancipation of women in Indian society during the British Raj, Satyendranath Tagore was the first Indian to join the Indian Civil Service. He was born on 1 June 1842 and was the second son of Debendranath Tagore and grandson of Dwarkanath Tagore of the Jorasanko branch of the Tagore family of Calcutta (now Kolkata), he learnt Sanskrit and English at home. A student of Hindu School, he was part of the first batch of students to appear for the entrance examinations of the University of Calcutta in 1857. He was placed in the first division and was admitted to Presidency College.

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