How to Fix High CPU Usage, prevent High CPU Usage message in PC

How to prevent and Fix High CPU Usage message, in your device and precautionary measures

When the computer's central processing unit of your computer is running at its maximum level or above normal levels for the number of applications running your computer displays High CPU Usage. High CPU Usage may result in Slow performance, hang-ups, and random shutdowns. The CPU processes all instructions for programs and The rate at which these are Processed are measured in hertz (Hz), megahertz (Mhz) gigahrtz (Ghz) and terahertz(Thz) per second. Please Open the Task Manager of your computer by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and check your CPU usage. If it shows more than 50% most of the time, it means there is a serious problem because Typically, your processor usage must be below 50%, however it may go over 50% while using large applications or graphics such as video games or media editing.
 Fix High CPU Usage 

Common Causes of High CPU Usage


• Out dated drivers on your computer.

 • Running too many applications at simultaneously. 

 • Your system has Insufficient virtual memory. 

 • Overheating of system due to Poor ventilation or otherwise.

 • Virus/Malware infections in your computer.

 • Too many programs running in the back ground.

How to FIX High CPU Usage

1. Close all unnecessary applications.

 2. Increase your virtual memory.

 3. Check your ventilation system and make changes if necessary.

 4. Make sure your computer is up-to-date, including Windows, hardware device drivers, anti-virus definitions and any 3rd party applications. Sometimes, updates will correct problems that result in high CPU usage. 

 5. Run a full system scan using your updated anti-virus software to ensure that your computer is free of infection. 

 6. If the processor is at 100% and doesn’t go lower, try closing some of the applications. 

 7. If all of your applications are closed but the CPU usage is still at 100%, there may be too many processes running in the background. 

8. First, eliminate the processes that start up with your computer. You can use Windows' System Configuration tool to do this...

 i. In windows XP Click Start>click Run 

ii. In Windows7 and Vista Type "Run" in the Search field and press Enter. (The Run dialog will open in a new window.) 

iii. Type in the Run dialog: msconfig and Press Enter(The Microsoft System Configuration utility will open in a new window.) 

iv. Click the Startup tab at the top of the new window. 

v. Disable the first startup item by un-checking the box next to it. 

vi. Restart the computer

 Some software are also available and if you trust them, you can download and use but always keep your windows, drivers, antivirus/antimalware on automatic update mode ensure periodical updates automatically.

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