Turmeric Fresh reduces Cancer and Diabetes risk and other disorders Uses of turmeric

Turmeric Fresh reduces Cancer and Diabetes risk and many other disorders

Turmeric fresh is in fact the root of the plant and available in the market in winter season. Dry ginger is used as spice in the form of powder. It not only add taste to your food but has great medicinal properties. Many researches proved it to be an antioxidant. It has anti cancer properties and it purifies the blood. It is cultivated at a large scale in southeast India, where the temperatures are between 20 and 30°C and a considerable amount of annual rainfall suits it. It is a plant of the ginger(Zingiberaceae) family and its Botanical name is Curcuma longa.

urmeric Fresh reduces Cancer and Diabetes risk and many other disorders

Turmeric is a miracle for Diabetics

In winter season boil fresh turmeric in milk and drinking this milk at bed time will be very beneficial for diabetics. Turmeric has excellent antiseptic properties thus its consumption in any form will increase the possibilities of healing the wounds if any in diabetics will be increase.

Tutmeric is excellent for Human immune system and periods related disorders

As per Ayurveda turmeric consumed in any form increases the immunization capacity in human and purifies the blood. It also reduces the problems and disorders related to periods in women.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies-Decoctions for Indigestion, Immunization,Diabetics, Fever, Cold, Cough

Tutmeric is beneficial for common cold related problems

Those suffering from common cold attacks and related coughs, boil turmeric powder or fresh turmeric in milk and drink it at bed time, it will give considerable relief. To stop coughing, take a small piece of turmeric in your mouth and keep chewing it slowly. You will get relief from coughing.

Turmeric for strong and beautiful teeth and gums

Take turmeric, Natural salt in equal quantity and make a paste in mustard oil. Massage your gums and teeth daily with this past. It will make your teeth and gums stronger and beautiful.

Turmeric for chronic coughs and Ashthama

Chronic coughs can also be treated with turmeric. Take half a teaspoon of natural honey and mix quarter tea spoon of turmeric powder to it. Lick it slowly to get relief.

Turmeric for internal injury

In case of an internal injury take a glass of warm milk, mix a teaspoon turmeric powder to it and drink. It will give you relief from pain of internal injury, infection or swelling. A paste made  of turmeric powder made in water applied on small injuries will help quick healing.

Turmeric reduces cholesterol and heart attack risk

Turmeric has properties of reducing cholesterol and regular consumption of turmeric is much beneficial for reducing cholesterol, thus helps to reduce heart related problems.

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