SmartPhone- Security tips for Smartphone android phone

The smart phones are going smarter day by day and as they go smarter they need smarter care because they contain extremely valuable things and data. Suppose you have misplaced your smart phone or it is hacked by criminals or stolen by someone what would happen? Imagining the situation you can imagine that the security of your smart phone must be your top priority. The following tips may become much more useful for you.

SmartPhone- Security tips

1 - Keep up to date Antivirus App

Our smart phones need anti malware apps to combat the online threats. All the prominent antivirus vendors like Kaspersky, AVG, Avast and Norton have antivirus software specially designed for mobile handsets. Both the free and premium editions are available. if you need an ads free version choose the premium version, otherwise a free version will do.

2 - Always Keep your Apps Locked

We hold a lot of personal and private info on our handsets and don’t want it to be seen by others. The Apps locker is a perfect solution for it which provides an additional second layer security to your device. It is also to protect your information in case you lose your device. It is free and can also be used to lock your email or file manager apps. To lock you can use a pin or pattern lock.

3 - Avoid Unsecured and public Wi-Fi Networks

Connecting to public Wi-Fi network or an unsecured Wi-Fi network may damage your apps or your device can be compromised, therefore don’t connect to an unsecured or a public Wi-Fi network. Some of such Wi-Fi networks may happen to be managed by hackers or cyber criminals. These can be used to stage a ‘middleman’ attack, where any input data can be easily sniffed by a third party – including passwords and personal details, such as credit card numbers. Some apps are available that ensure our outgoing connection is always encrypted and we can use one if it is necessary to connect to some unknown networks under certain circumstances. 


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4 - Always download Apps from a reliable Source only

Never download an app from an unknown website. Always download apps from the official website of the developer or the Google play store. The installation of apps from the unreliable source may infect your device with malware. Check your device if any unauthentic app are there disable the apps downloaded from unknown sources.(Go to the settings of your device and disable installing ‘unofficial’ apps.)

5 - Always install Security Updates

The Smart phone manufacturers customize the Android OS for the purpose of delivering the optimum performance and security as Android is an open source platform. The Smart phone manufacturers frequently release updates. These updates are to improve your experience and to enhance security to latest signatures. Therefore never forget to update the firmware as it comes to your phone,


6 - Always Avoid Unknown Links and Shortened Links

Unknown Links and Shortened Links may prove dangerous. You might receive such links through your emails, message or Social Media accounts. Beware from such fake or dangerous links which may cause you sever harm. A lot of hackers and cyber criminals create duplicate pages and send phishing emails. Some users end up clicking on them. The culprits try to steal your password. Never click on such an email link received from an unknown source. 


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7 - Do Not Save All Your Passwords on your device

We use a number of password operated online services and it is difficult to remember all the passwords. Please never save your passwords on your device as someone may have access to your device. Avoid saving important passwords specially bank accounts or credit/debit cards passwords in your device. If necessary, You can use a reliable password wallet apps, Password Manager Premium to keep your password secure.

8 - Use Multiple User Account option

In newer versions of Android OS(Jellybean or later), there is an option to create multiple user accounts. This option may prove helpful to protect your privacy if the device is shared. Besides personal accounts, you can create a common account for all who use the device.( Settings > Users section)  


9 - Always keep a Remote Wipe/lock app installed

Unfortunately if it happens that someone lost his smart phone. He lost the data is a serious problem but the more severe problem is that someone can misuse the data. There are apps available from Google Play to combat this and will do it on a command from a web interface or via text. 

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