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How to Unlock Android Device screen using Google’s Android Devicemanager

How to Unlock Android Device screen using Google’s Android Devicemanager-When we purchase a new Android Smartphone, it is without any screen locking arrangements and  the  screen  activates  by  just  swiping  across  it. But  we  set  up  some sort  of  security arrangements like a PIN, a password, a pattern etc to unlock the screen of our Android Smartphone. This is to keep  other  people  may  be  strangers  or  friends  from  seeing  our  data  like messages or pictures. But sometimes we  cannot  access  our  phone,  due  to  forgetting  our  password  PIN  or  the  pattern set. The following tips may prove very helpful to you in such case -
Unlock Android Devpce

Unlock your Android Smartphone screen using Google’s help

For this purpose, you will have to use your computer or another mobile device and your device must be registered at Google, otherwise it will not work and you will receive the following message -
Registered android device report
Login to on your computer or another mobile device.

Select ‘Lock’ button shown in the image now the following screen will appear.
Andrpod new lock screen
Enter a password as shown in the image.

Enter the password again to confirm as shown in the image

You don’t need to enter a recovery message as it is optional.

Now click ‘Lock’ again.

If it was successful, you will receive a confirmation message..

Now you should now see a password field On your phone in which you should enter the temporary password to unlock your phone.

Now, disable the temporary password.

And you are done.

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