Smartphone Addiction Syndrome, its bad effects and how to get rid of this bad habit

Smartphone Addiction Syndrome, its bad effects and how to get rid of this bad habit

If you always keep on searching something on your smart phone or waste your time in unproductive works.If you always remain busy in activities other than surfing making or receiving calls or SMS. You may be victim of the Smartphone Addiction Syndrome.

Smartphone Addiction Syndrome

Adverse effects of excessive use of Smartphone

Continuous scrolling, texting, and gaming on smartphones may cause finger cramping and sore muscles

Prolonged use of smart phone may cause tendons inflammation

Bending your elbow for long time may cause tingling or numbness in ring and pinky fingers.

84% of back pain cases in UK have been reported to be caused due to being hunched over Smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Nomophobia(No mobile phobia or fear of losing mobile phone) is a psychological condition include anxiety or negative physical symptoms if you have lost or cannot use your cell phone, obsessively checking to make sure you have your phone with you, and constantly worrying about losing it somewhere.  Women are more effected than men from this.

Phantom vibrations or feeling vibrations though your phones didn’t actually vibrate.

It may cause the disease dry eyes also called digital eye syndrome or the computer eye syndrome.

Prolonged use may adversely effect your palms and fingers. You may me unable to write correctly and your hand may start severing.

Continuous listening of music using earphones  may damage your ears and can make you totally dumb.

How to get rid of Smartphone addiction syndrome

Like all other addictions, self determination is the best way to get rid of  this bad habit. Think carefully about health and change your habits of Smartphone use. Trying some apps available on net may also prove helpful but these will be helpful if you are mentally prepared first.

The forestApp

It is an app to help you put down your phone and focus on what's more important in your life. Go to forestapp website. choose your Smartphone brand and grow your forest. Whenever you want to focus on your work, plant a tree. In the next 30 minutes, it will grow when you are working and will die if you leave this app.

  Download the app from Google play store.

The checky app

With this app you can check and differentiate the genuine and unwanted use of your smart phone. It will remind you at the end of the day that how many times a day you used your Smartphone. Go to the checky app website enter your phone number with country code and get the download link.

The Productivity Challenge Timer app

This app challenges you to work harder, help you in an interesting way to be more productive, more focused, not to waste the time etc., tracking your work habits. You will earn or lose ranks depending on your performance, earn achievements and track your productivity over time, so you will know how long you worked on what and during which days of the week. Download Productivity Challenge Timer appfrom Google play store.

 The Freedom app

Freedom is a world-famous app that ends digital distraction. It works on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows computers. It blocks the most distracting apps and websites and what you want, when you want, to be more productive. Visit website for moredetails.

The Unplug app

It is a premium app from apple inc. It tracks the time you spend on your Smartphone day to day. You will be awards if spend less time Smartphone for controlling your phone addiction. It will track your phone usage time, you will get graphical reports, you export your data as a csv. You can set a daily time limit, can get daily trophies and points based on your phone usage. You can learn where you spent time. It  helps to increasing your memory and lead a balanced lifestyle.

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