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High risk computer infection Trojan.Adclicker causes actions removal tips

High risk computer infection Trojan.Adclicker causes actions removal tips
Trojan Adclicker is a Trojan horse malware and was first detected by Symentec in September 2003 and was given the detection name Trojan Adclicker.
This malicious programs is primarily designed to share the primary functionality of artificially generating traffic to pay-per-click web advertising campaigns in order to create or boost revenue.
The infection targets all versions of Microsoft Windows and enters your system without your notice.
The infection stays hidden and copy itself and spread without infecting other files.
In addition of various ads, pop-ups, banners the Trojan Adclicker will also steal your sensitive information and affect your system’s functionality.
Trojan Adclicker

Severeability of Trojan.Adclicker – High

Other names of Trojan.Adclicker

The name Trojan.Adclicker is given by Symentec but it called by various other name like, Trojan: JS/Adclicker  by Microsoft, HTML/Framer.H  by AVG antivirus,  Trojan.Iframe.FM by BitDefender, JS/IFrame.gen by McAfee, HTML/Maliframe!exploit (CA), Trojan-Clicker.HTML.IFrame (Sunbelt Software). Virus.HTML.Iframe (Ikarus), JS/Encharc-A (Sophos)

Symtoms of Trojan.Adclicker infection

Unexpected browser redirects.
Internet use may be disrupted.
The infected system will display occasional pop-up advertisements
The browser of the infected system will run slow.
The Trojan.Adclicker copy themselves to a system folder and create a load point to run every time Windows starts
Tempers and Lowers your security settings
Automatically download files and other malware
Display annoying messages and advertisements
You may notice computer slowdowns and  frequent freezes.
Some of your applications may become unresponsive.
The Trojans may consume significant bandwidth of the infected PC
In some cases user’s ISP throttles their connection or disconnects it altogether. Alternatively, users may find that they are charged extra by their ISP saying they have consumed data in excess of allotted monthly bandwidth cap.

How Trojan.Adclicker comes to your PC

Downloads to your PC without your notice if the PC in not protected.
Bundled with a free to download software.
If you click an Email attachment  received from an unknown source.
If you visit an infected website.

How to remove Trojan.Adclicker

Trojans are very complex infections and if you don’t have an advanced computer knowledge, trying to remove them manually may result in severe problem. A small wrong action may spoil your attempt and it does not guarantee that online threat will not access your PC in the future. Therefore always use a powerful antivirus software which will remove other infections too with Trojan.Adclicker and ensure to block all future attacks.

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