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Facebook Tagging Scam-the Malware Spreads Through automatic tagging

Facebook Tagging Scam-the Malware Spreads Through automatic tagging-How would you feel if you see a porn video link or a porn picture on your time line while  logging in to your facebook account. You also come to know that it is one of your Facebook friend's who is known to be very decent and responsible person who posted this on his timeline and tagged you. Of course, the image of your friend posting such a thing will be completely tarnished in your mind. And if you receive phone calls from your friends what this nonsense you have posted on your timeline and tagged us where as you have not logged in to your facebook account since many days.
Facebook tagging scam

In both the situations your position will be hopeless because you are facing anger of your friends while you have not done anything wrong. Yes Nowadays a lot of innocent people are facing such situations. All this is happening because of a malware attack on Facebook the indecent images and videos links are being uploaded automatically on the Timeline and automatically tagging their other friends too.

The other disadvantages of being a victim of the malware Facebook tagging scam

Whenever we watch an online video, our Flash Player (Shock Wave Flash) Automatically comes into action. If this malware is present in our computer, our Flash Player (Shock Wave Flash) may be corrupted-

This malware creates on the hard drive of the victim files like -
F: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Protect \ s-1-5-21-117609710-1801674531-725345543-500 \ Preferred
F: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator \ Application data\microsoft\protect\s-1-5-21-1844237615-2111687655-839522115-500\4532158e-ef11-42f9-813c-ddbb4f02c848

These files disable security software and provide a backdoor to allow other cyber criminals.

This malware creates a hidden browser extensions and the hidden extension created by the malware blocks all security software websites.

The  malware is automatically updated through the Hidden extension.

Hidden extension infects the systems of all the Facebook friends.

Causes of coming Facebook tagging scam to your System

Any of the following actions may cause you to be the victim of this malware -

Clicking on an unknown link on Facebook.

Downloading an online video on Facebook.

Online video sharing on Facebook.

Download any online video from Facebook and save it on your system / mobile.

Playing a game on Facebook.

By using fun applications on Facebook.

By sharing exessive links and videos and photos on Facebook.

Tips to be safe from Facebook tagging scam

To avoid this malware Avoid all activities mentioned above.
In addition, do the following action immediately –

Go to your Facebook account.

Click the logout button in the top right side.

Now a list will opens.

Click setting in the list.

Now on the left side click on Timeline and Tagging.

Now the next screen will open and you see an option "Review posts that friends tag you in before they appear on your Timeline?".

Click “Edit” on The right side.

Now the ‘Disabled’ will appear.

Now click drop down and select ‘Enable’.

Now no automated software and your friends will be able to tag you without your permission at anytime and problems of tagging you again and again will be eliminated forever.

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