How to Fix the High CPU Usage Error Message in Windows

How to Fix the High CPU Usage Error Message in Windows

Many times while working on computer, our system displays a message of High CPU Usage. The high CPU Usage chokes the speed of our PC. Whatever may be its reason but it is quite an annoying thing. In fact it is a problem related to wmiprvse.exe. The wmiprvse.exe is a software file popularly known as Windows Management Instrumentation, a windows based component. There are a number of factors effecting CPU usage like existence of a malware in your computer system, too many tasks at a time an incompatible software installed on your computer which may malfunction. The causes and remedied of the error High CPU Usage are discussed below -

High CPU Usage Error Message in Windows

Common Causes of the error High CPU Usages

You may receive the high CPU Usage error message due to one or more of the following reasons -

Incompatible Software Installed on the PC may cause error High CPU Usages

The new versions of windows like windows 7, windows 8 are different from the older versions and software working well on windows XP may not work properly on windows 7 and windows 8. If any of such incompatible software has been installed on a PC may malfunction or consume excessive memory.

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Any Malware or Virus on the Computermay cause error High CPU Usages

Virus, Trojans, worm, spyware may consume high CPU, some times even 100%. Some users use internet without protection which results in malware infection.

Running many program at the same time may cause error High CPU Usages

Some users run too many program at the same time. They run online music, virus scanning in the back ground, go to heavy sites or work on large documents. Each such program consumes a certain amount of memory and results in high CPU Usage.

Use these steps to decrease/Reduce the High CPU Usage

First of all try to check the problems mentioned above, ie., software compatibility in connection with your current version of windows and if this is the problem, try to get a compatibility patch or a newer or improved version from your software vendor. Run a full system scan using a good quality and updated antivirus software to remove virus/malware if any. If you are running too many program simultaneously, Close some of them.

Try these steps to reduce High CPU usage instantly

1.     Open the ‘Task Manager’ direct(Direct means without any intermediary screen)

2.     You can press ‘CTRL+Shift+Esc’ as short cut.

3.     Click process.

4.     Click’CPU’ till the arrow after label points down.

5.     Locate the program using high CPU

6.     Right click the program that is using high CPU

7.     Click End process.

8.     Click End process again to confirm.

9.     Avoid using it for windows processes.

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