10 most Useful and Best Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

10 most Useful and Best Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is considered to be one of the world’s top three web browsers. In my personal opinion, Firefox is No-1. Google Chrome and Windows Internet Explorer have their own specialties but no comparison with Firefox. A large number of Firefox add-ons are also available. Details of 10 very useful add-ons are given below. These add-ons will make your work much easy, faster and secure too. Many of these add-ons can be installed from elsewhere too but please always install these add-ons from the official add-ons web site of Firefox other the installation may prove harmful.   

10 most Useful and Best Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

1. BluHell Firewall

While surfing we see annoying and unwanted ads. This add-on blocls such unwanted ads. Though a number of add-ons are available but some of them may have add other features which you may not want. BlueHell Firewall is a light weight but very effective adblocker.

2. Clear Console 

This add-on helps you to cookies, cache, history, html5/local storage, http logins, all of them or restart your browser in a single click. This 57KB small add-on gives you a real relief from repeatedly performing the boring procedure.

3.  Click and Clean 

This small 96.4 KB, add-on has a 5 star user rating and very powerful and innovative. It enables you to do all the below mentioned tasks instantly with 1-click on the TP Roll icon in the Firefox toolbar. 

i - Autoclose all tabs, 

ii - Delete browsing history, 

iii - Download history, temporary files, 

iv - Delete private data on Firefox closing,  

v - Remove cookies  

vi - Empty cache, 

vii - Remove Flash Local Shared Objects (LSO)


 4. Google/Yandex Search Link Fix 

The popular search engines like yahoo, google etc modify the search results and record your click which is abreach of privacy. This add-on prevent these search engines by preventing them from recording your clicks. Yahoo and yandex are habitual of changing search results. When you try to copy a link you don’t get what you want. This add-on disables this behaviour of the search engines like Google, Yahoo or Yandex with some limitations.

5.  Take a Break 

Take a break is very beneficial for the health specially eyes of the computer users. A little icon on the status bar will be flashing every 15 minutes or as per your set to remind user to take a short break to sit back and close your eyes, or look outside the window preferably real green plants or tree for a while. A pop-up dialog will remind to take big break of 5 minutes or more every hour stand up, get a cup of coffee, do some stretching, or go freshen up. The timers are adjustable by user.

6.  Take me to this URL

Usually when we want to go to a URL we use to copy and paste. This add-on will save your step of copy/paste the URL and make navigation easier and faster. It is so easy that just select the URL and right click, you will be taken to the selected URL. In case the selected text is a simple text and not a URL, it will redirect you to Google search.

7. Self-Destructing Cookies 

This add-on removes cookies and Local Storage as soon as its tabs is closed. It identify the cookies with their behaviour and automatically removes them when they are no longer used by the open browser tabs. Tracking cookies will be detected and removed immediately. It protects against trackers and zombie-cookies and trustworthy services can be whitelisted. This small add-on of  82.5 KB has a 4 star user rating  and about 1.7 million down loads to its credit.

8. Video Resumer

This add on prove much beneficial. During the video watching sometimes Firefox crashes or shutdown unusually due to power failure sometimes we  leave the video before watching it full. Usually, when we click through YouTube videos, they start from the beginning. This add-on automatically resumes YouTube videos from point where you played them last even if you restart your browser.

9. X-notifier 

The add-on X-notifier checks your email accounts and notifies you that how many unread emails you have. It allows you to use multiple accounts in the same host. It supports yahoo, gmail, hotmail, POP3/IMAP,  twitter, facebook, and many more


10.  S3 Google Translator 

This add-on is powered by Google Translate’s automatic translations to your browser. It supports more than 80 languages and translates selected text, a written phrase or any webpage. It automatically translates the Subtitles on a you tube video. It makes very easy for you to visit the sites of the languages you don't know.

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