Buying a smartphone-carefully check these before final purchasing smartphone

Buying a new smartphone-carefully check these before final purchase 

At present smart phone has become our primary requirement. Now smart phones are performing very important tasks which were a few years back possible on computers only. Up to late nineties computers had an internal storage of 2-4GB and now a smart phones has an internal storage of 128 GB. At the initial stage mobile phones could record a video clip of only few seconds and the modern smart phones record unlimited video. These features have made the smart phones an essential part of our life. A number of smart phones are available in the modern market and you can choose one as per your need and budget but you need to be very smart while purchasing a smart phone 

Tips to buy a new smartphone

Think about adequate storage

Smartphone in the market come with storage capacity between 16GB to 128 GB. Some budget phones come with less memory even 8 GB or 4GB. Those interested in downloading or recording music, various Apps, photos and videos need more storage. Most of the smart phones support SD cards but some don’t. SD cards have their own limitations and they work slower than phone’s internal memory. Therefore, a smart phone with an internal storage of 32 GB or more will be ideal for general purpose.

Never make haste to purchase a smartphone just before coming its new model

A typical pattern followed by all the smart phone manufacturers is to launch a new model every year. Therefore, before buying a smart phone try to find the date of its original release. If you find the date 8-10 months before, then consider to wait for 2-3 months. This may save you op to 200 dollars depending upon the original cost of the smart phone.

Check apps installed on the smart phone 

Android OS and iOS phones mostly have most of popular apps but android’s specialty is in utility apps and iOS in gaming and some social media apps. Check carefully if you are purchasing a windows or black berry smart phone.


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Never buy accessories from your mobile service provider

Mobile service providers also provide handsets and if you intend to buy one from your service provider, think twice before purchasing accessories like car charger, phone cover etc. It does not mean that you don’t need these accessories or these are sub standard. The reason is that they may be charging unusually high rates. It may be possible that you may get the same item at less than half price at eretailers like amazon.

Be careful about insurance or extended warranty

Opting extended warranty and insurance must always be avoided because they are not fulfilled perfectly and involve complicated technical issues like depreciation, improper use and many others which common man does not understand. Sometimes we feel cheated when the insurer or the guarantor refuses even if we have paid more than the cost of the instrument.

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