What is WhatsApp custom notification setting on Android device

What is WhatsApp custom notification setting on Android device

Custom notification is a very useful feature in WhatsApp. With the help of this feature we can choose the notifications, weather they are from the contacts of our interest or not. We want to respond these now, later at time of our convenience or we don’t want to respond them at all. Setting of custom notifications on an Android Device is very easy and a lot options are provided. The WhatsApp custom notification feature is discussed below in brief -

whatsapp custom notification

What is custom notification feature in whatsapp

The custom notification is a feature in whatsapp. It’s setting option will be visible with mute chat just below the media setting of your setting. Using the feature custom notification you can select a particular tune, vibration alert, a call ringtone, a light indication or a popup notification for a particular contact or group. This feature enables you to identify, from whom you have received the message. On whatsapp we have a large number of contacts and we may not be interested or less interested in some of them. This feature may prove very useful in such case.

What can we do with custom notification feature in whatsapp

The WhatsApp users make a number of groups and add us also in many of groups. We keep on receiving notifications from all the groups of which we are member. The problems occurs when the number of notification is large and we are interested in some of them only, which get lost in the crowd of notifications. The custom notification helps us get rid of this problem as we can set a separate indication(A ring tone, vibration alert, a pop up, a light etc.) for each contact or group and you will be able to easily identify the senders.

How to Set custom notification feature in whatsapp in Android device

1. Go to WhatsApp

2. Tap ‘Chats’.

3. Select the contact to which you want to activate custom notification feature.

4. Long press the selected contact. The new menu will appear.

5. Tap ‘View contact’, next menu will appear.

6. Tap ‘Custom notification’ next menu will appear

7. Check the box ‘Use custom notifications’. Now the following options will be highlighted, (1)  Notification tone, (2)  Vibrate, (3)  Pop up notification, (4)  Light,  (5)  ring tone.

8. Tap the option of your choice.

9. Now the options related to your choice will appear. For example if you choose light, the option to choose a color of the light will appear. It may be normal or one of the 7 colors of light given in the menu and you can choose any one.

That’s all. Now your custom notification will be active.

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